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How to Improve Visibility of a Truck

Visibility of TruckRoad safety is an important concern for drivers and pedestrians alike. The threats on the road can hardly be ignored.

There are various scopes of accidents while driving a vehicle. While some accidents result from driver errors, some could result from improper maintenance of vehicles, weather conditions and so on.

All accidents cause harm to the vehicle, the drivers and the others occupying the road. However, the impact of accidents with trucks is even more catastrophic than other vehicles owing to the large size and weight of the truck. The injuries sustained by the victims of truck accidents are quite severe which can have long-term effects and may turn out to be fatal too.

To avoid such mishaps, it is crucial to follow the traffic rules and the right procedures. One of the primary aspects that truck drivers should take into consideration is visibility.

What is Driving Visibility?

A truck has a number of blind spots. These are situated at the rear, front and along the sides of the truck. This means any vehicle passing through these blind spots will not be visible to the truck. This could result in an accident. Therefore, the driver should have a clear vision of the activities in these blind spots to prevent an accident.

In addition to that, the truck driver should also be able to see other vehicles around it on the road at all times. Also, other drivers on the road should be able to see the truck regardless of the time of the day or weather conditions.

Driving visibility is a combination each of these factors.

Improving Visibility of a Truck

Inadequate visibility is one of the major causes of truck accidents. Therefore, trucks should be outfitted with the right accessories to improve the driving visibility. Let’s take a look at some of the objects that can ensure maximum driving visibility.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors should be securely attached and the placement should be correct. The load that the trucks carry often block the rear-vision of these vehicles. As a result, the side mirrors attached to the doors of the trucks are the primary mirrors that aid in rear vision. The side mirrors should allow the driver to see the sides of the trailer, the edge of the cab and the maximum part of the lanes on both sides of the truck.

In addition to that, hood mirrors are also crucial in providing a clear vision of the blind spots of the truck. Mirrors should be adjusted when the driver is behind the steering wheel. This will help in maximizing vision.

Loosely attached mirrors can vibrate when the truck is in motion, thus reducing clarity in vision. Such mirrors might even fall off and break. Therefore, these should be attached properly. These mirrors should be cleaned regularly so that there are no smudges. It is important to keep in mind that smudges can reduce visibility.

  • Reflectors

Even though the trucks are of large sizes and can be spotted easily, the visibility of these vehicles is reduced immensely at night. Weather condition like snowfall, fog, heavy rainfall etc. can also reduce the visibility of the trucks considerably, thus rendering pedestrians and the drivers of other vehicles unaware of the presence of trucks. This is where reflectors become relevant.

Trucks should be equipped with reflectors on the sides and at the back. Proper placement of these will enhance the visibility of the truck significantly.

  • Headlights

Headlights play major roles in preventing truck accidents. These headlights make the truck visible to others in poor light conditions. In addition to that, it also enables the truck driver to have a clear view of the road and any potholes, speed breakers etc. on it. Additionally, the headlights make the signs on the streets easier to read.

There are various kinds of headlights to choose from. Of them, LED headlights are quite popular. This is because these do not draw a lot of power from the battery. In addition to that, LED tail lights can also be installed. It is important to keep these clean. If they are damaged, these should be replaced immediately.

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