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SMART goals definition and examples

SMART goals are a framework for setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. This means that the goal should be clear and specific, with specific criteria for measuring progress and success, and a deadline for achieving the goal. Additionally, the goal should be realistic and achievable, and it should […]


How to Set Achievable and Attainable Fitness Goals

Setting a goal and planning a fitness training strategy that will help you achieve it actually translates as half the battle won. Goals help you to organise your efforts along with spurring you on to successfully meet your targets. The importance of setting clear, achievable fitness goals cannot be overemphasised […]


How Should One Eat to Make Training in Gym Effective

The industries of fitness and bodybuilding have become extremely popular during the last years. Thousands of new gyms are opening around the country and millions of visitors start visiting them. Different people set different goals when start exercising. Some of them want to lose some weight, others just want to […]


A Guide to Strategic SEO Training Course

SEO strategy courses have been designed for teaching you cutting-edge strategies, effective tools and all the reporting formats. All businesses including startups to large well-funded ecommerce sites, online businesses and brands have understood the relevance and importance of a competent in-house SEO team comprising of proficient designers, writers, link builders […]


Advantages of Calisthenics Training

The trend of working out at home is gaining pace in recent times as people find it comfortable and convenient to do exercises at home. The highly stressful and busy schedule makes it tough for people to take out time to visit a gym every day. There are different types […]


Training in the Digital Age [Infographic]

In the digital age, setting goals and constantly evaluating performance is a basic requirement to ensure a business is running smoothly while on productive way to innovation. Implementing the latest technologies and keeping the staff updated requires a combination of digital and traditional training strategies. The infographic below provides an […]