The Industry Importance of PMP Training and Certification

fregrtwgrtwProject management is a universal field. Regardless of geographic location, language or business specialization, project managers are the most important members of their corporate teams. With the skills to lead and knowledge to bring projects together, these professionals are vital to any industry.

How does a person become a project manager? What kind of training and certification is necessary for this career choice? What is the earning and career advancement potential for these jobs? The answers begin with PMP certification training.

What is PMP?

PMP (the abbreviation for “project management professional”) is typically used in reference to the training necessary for project management certification. The letters listed after a person’s name indicates that they have completed the training and obtained the certification based on their understanding of collaboration and communication necessary for project management success. Professionals who choose to pursue this certification will undergo PMP training to better understand the challenges and goals of the position as well as how to put their skills to work for the organizations employing them.

Because of its universal usefulness, PMP certification training is available from many sources. There are many providers who specialize in online training and certification for the modern client who can then apply the tools and strategies they obtain to a wide variety of fields. Any career – from IT support to commerce and finance – can benefit from project management prowess.

As with any other type of career advancement, there are time and monetary investments required for PMP certification. Courses may cost between $1,000 and $3,000 dollars while the cost of the examination averages around $500. This puts the entire process in the category of modest to middle-range in terms of expense and well within the means of most professionals looking to further their career and multiply job opportunities.

Why Pursue PMP Certification?

Obtaining a PMP certification can help business professionals realize many benefits, both inside of the workplace and out. These perks include:

  • A single certification for worldwide employment. Since the PMP training available in all countries is essentially the same, students will be employable almost anywhere without additional certification.
  • More gainful employment. Holders of project management certification earn an average of 15-20 percent more than their cohort – making it a lucrative decision.
  • Increased number and quality of job opportunities. Since project management professionals possess the skills to handle more challenging and diverse projects, job opportunities are varied and widely available.
  • Greater visibility within the marketplace. Holding a PWP certification creates built-in marketing of knowledge and skills, giving prospective employers a positive regard toward applicants with the certification.
  • Job security during economic downturns. Qualified, competent professionals in the field of project management will always be in demand even when other careers falter in the face of economic difficulty. This type of security is more than enough reason to consider investing time into PMP training.

Project management is one particular job asset that is nearly indisputable in value. Applicable in a number of ways and relatively easy to obtain in comparison to other certifications, PMP is an ideal choice for those already interested or involved in a project-based career that are looking to improve the overall outlook of their future. These people can realize a better income, more professional flexibility and a higher authority in employment negations.

With a globally marketable arsenal of skills and a comprehensive knowledge of how to apply them to any business’s unique challenges and needs, project management professionals are an asset to their teams, as well as to the corporate world at large. It’s easy to see why certification in this area is becoming an industry standard for those who want to make a difference in their own lives – both personally and professionally.

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