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Top Benefits of SMS Marketing

With most people having mobile phones nowadays, short messaging services (SMS) have become an effective and pocket friendly way of communication. Businesses can greatly benefit from this service by embracing SMS marketing. With your mobile phone, you can either send a message or call someone anytime. SMSs have actually become […]


How bulk SMS for UK businesses can generate ROI

There are plenty of mediums available for businesses to market their products or services-but bulk SMS is one that may not immediately spring to mind. The idea behind the concept is that customers give businesses their phone numbers so that they can receive exciting and exclusive offers directly to their […]


SMS Marketing Mobilizes Activism

All over the world, SMS technology is being used to rally the masses around social, political, and commercial events. From revolutionary movements in Egypt to the 2012 political campaign, mass texting is providing a way to instantly interact with the masses. Never before have we seen such effective results from […]