Kids of All Ages Can Have Fun and Learn Piano Online

play-pianoMusic education is being denied to far too many of America’s children. Budget cuts in schools have eliminated or downsized programs considered nonessential, such as music and art, even though these programs reduce dropout rates and lead to better performance in other areas. It’s up to parents and grandparents to provide the children they love with the chance to learn to play the piano.

How Children Benefit from Learning to Play the Piano

There are so many lifelong benefits to playing the piano that it would be difficult to list them all, but here are a few.

Increased Self-Confidence:

  • Success breeds success. Learning one skill gives a child the confidence to learn another, one of the most valuable lessons that a child can be given.

IQ and Creativity:

  • It takes skill and training to play the piano; think about what is required. Piano players develop unique brain abilities, not found in those playing other instruments. An ability to efficiently integrate information leads to more efficient decision making as well as increased creativity.

Improved Test Scores:

  • Music students have higher grades than others, scoring significantly higher in standardized tests. University studies found a direct correlation between the number of years that students studied instrumental music and academic achievement, particularly in science, languages and math.

Communication and Language Skills:

  • Music is a form of communication, using syntax instead of words. When students learn music theory, they are learning another way to communicate.

Social Success:

  • Every successful party needs a musician! A piano can’t be tucked under the arm, but a keyboard can be.

Relieves Stress:

  • Scientists found that playing a musical instrument actually relieves stress at the molecular level.

Playing the Piano is Fun:

  • Whenever someone wants to relax and play the classics, jazz, the latest pop or country song or create their own music, the piano is the ideal all-around instrument.

Learning to Play the Piano Online has Never Been Easier

Playground Sessions piano software was co-created by Quincy Jones, the music legend, whose primary concern was that people would want to learn piano online because it was rewarding and fun. The innovative piano learning software combines elements of Rosetta Stone and Guitar Hero, allowing people to learn music they enjoy at the pace that suits them.

Learn From Favorite Songs:

  • Playground Sessions interactive lessons allow students to learn with lessons featuring their favorite songs. Students can pick from Classical, Traditional, R&B, Pop, Rock or Classic Hits.

Music Theory Made Easy:

  • Play To Learn Music Theory uses the beats and rhythms of popular music to teach musical concepts. Notation, rhythm and even playing by ear become second nature with these interactive video tutorials.

David Sides Teaches and Plays:

  • David Sides is an inspiring, fun and engaging teacher. Since becoming a YouTube sensation, David has played for audiences all over the world. He worked with Playground Sessions to create hours of in-depth piano video lessons, available to students 24/7. Popular songs are broken down and explained as he demonstrates how to play the song, finishing by inviting the student to play along with him. David also offers helpful pointers and constructive feedback.

A Piano-Playing Game:

  • Play solos, backed up by an orchestra. Keep track of your progress with real-time scores and feedback. Compare your progress to others or simply track your own forward moves. Record your performances and impress your friends.

The kids (of all ages) will want to learn piano online after a few minutes spent with the Playground Sessions software. For less than the cost of a weekly private lesson, a lifelong passion can be formed. Register now and start playing today.

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