How to Make PDF Search Engine Friendly

Gone are the days when PDF files or PDF documents were ignored by the Google or the other Search Engines. The documents usually have the high-quality contents and unique that may be called and treated as useful for search visitors. It was nothing but a myth and the Google only has removed the myth. Google is known to be the fastest and most prominent search engine announced across the globe. The indexing of PDF files in 2001 and Google has got to have the many millions of PDF Files.

However, it is a daunting task to adopt the opportunity which is untapped for optimizing the one to another or PDFs for SEO. Google has got the rights and can crawl any time, check the index the content, and rank the documents. Usually, PDF documents are full of very heavy amount of content.

For the purpose of making PDFs optimum for search engines, the SEO is supposed to follow some different rules. PDFs are known to store some remarked or parented type of content, therefore, optimizing those needs lots of efforts.

How to make PDF Search Engine Friendly


Selection of the Name of the File

You should be thoughtful while converting or changing the format of the document from word to PDF. The default name of the file may or may not get optimized in the same way as desired. Organizing or Choosing the Location of File storage the file name should be analyzed and the renaming of the file is supposed to be done as per the content or the phrases.

Key Linking

You cannot link the website structure through the PDFs linking internally. The documents are of high-value and usually an asset for you. They are used for some specific activity. The sitemap PDFs plays a crucial and vital role in the SEO Potential utilization. The Contextual internal linking to the PDFs also goes a long way in the success of the PDF content and optimizes Google with the signs of optimization.

Linking the interrelated and Relevant Content

Primarily it refers to the content of your own website still you can also provide the link to third party sites if it serves the purpose.

It increases the chances of being searched by different search engines if the PDFs are optimized for the web properties. It is a win-win situation. If you provide a link to external sites or the third party they will value your support and also look forward to providing the link to your website which eventually benefits both and mutual benefits are driven.

Selection of Appropriate Title

People usually forget the importance of the suitable and appropriate title. You can set the document properties as per the PDF. The search engine usually gets optimized as HTML title tag. The HTML is usually optimized and the synched with the search engines.

In the real world, it is the PDFs which are found to be suitable for the purpose of ranking. The title of the Content or the Blog should be able to describe the topic or the content.

Customizing and improvising the Experience through Mobile PDF

These days, A good chunk of close to 50% of the users uses the mobile devices, iPad etc. Therefore it becomes imperative to know that it gets applied on SEO for PDFs. You can adopt the feasible, actionable and simple changes to counteract. The left side aligned content is preferred by the readers. There are time-sensitive and other typical people who are ready to join the Mobile PDF format. Although images increase the perception about the organization, they are too heavy to be posted on the website.

Zipping or Compressing the Images and Content

The speed at which the page of a website is uploaded plays very important role. It becomes a challenge in case of heavy images, heavy PDF files, and images are posted. The images and content can also be compressed to make the page lighter.

Categorizing the Content with Headings and Subheadings

PDFs can store a lot of the information which is in depth. But it is also true it becomes a problem when the people do not commit it that way. The legibility of the readers increases with the process of putting them into the website content.

Choosing the Font and Plain Text

It has been a myth in everyone’s eyes that PDFs are image based. In case, they are searched then the image results are shown. Google index the documents in a way that the basis of the same remains the document title and font style. Using too many fonts make the eyes of the readers strained and uncomfortable.

Using the Alternative Text

It is not a prevalent hack that you can use or set the alternative text on the image itself within PDF. It proves to be an opportunity to assist Google about the bundle of contents and images for the purpose of optimization.

Keep a Close Watch on the Outcome or Performance

The PDF is added to a website for cashing in on the product page and populate the same as well. Organically the visitor who downloads the PDF is considered to be the micro-conversion for the organization.

You can seek much more information about the same, which in turn allows you to understand the path which users usually utilize and are recognized by Google and other search engines and assists in landing the PDF.

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