How To Get A SEO friendly Website Design

A beautifully and professionally designed website can help you to grow your online business worldwide. If you are willing to have a website, it’s important that you know Search Engine Optimization terms and basic regulations of SEO friendly design for the website. It will help you to get an SEO friendly site which ultimately gives you a good ranking on search engines.

Clean Code

The most important rule of a well-structured website is the use of clean coding method. It helps search engines to read your website’s content easily. The well-written and clean code also decrease the loading time of the site. Keep it in mind when designing the website and putting even the small information such as style, color, and font size.

Do not overuse Flash Elements

Using lots of flash elements on a website can make it load very slowly, and it prevents a site to get organic traffic. It also becomes difficult for search engines to rank websites with extra flash elements in them since these engines entirely ignore flash.

Design user-Friendly URL

An impressive URL structure is vital in forming its rank on search engines. An SEO friendly URL is structured in a particular way to allow people and search engines know about the page by just scanning the website URL. Do not add so many sections within a URL and part words by using hyphens. URL should be easily readable with the most relevant keywords. It will make it easy for visitors to remember it.

Use JavaScript Carefully

Often website designers use JavaScript to design the whole site. Though JavaScript as programming aid can help you get a feature-rich website, it also causes crawling problems where search engines find it difficult to read the website content. Many internet marketing experts also suggest that designers must use JavaScript carefully as it can make website failed on mobile devices.

Evade Keyword Stuffing

Relevant and engaging content draws organic traffic to a site. Putting extra keyword on the website does not help you to get your website ranked on top of search engines. You just have to make sure that your website content is relevant, creative and unique. Use keyword optimization methods to include keywords at strategic places where they can work in the most effective way.

Make a Captivating Page Title

The title of your website page is the vital aspect, and it is possibly the first thing that visitors remember after visiting your website. Thus, it’s essential for you to select a title that is simple, appealing and memorable as well as relevant to the website content.

Prefer a Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s important for websites to feature a mobile-friendly structure since every second person uses mobile phone to browse internet and access websites. These kinds of websites can easily open on both computers and mobiles without losing any content. Thus, you should follow the most recommended SEO solutions offered by experts and get your websites optimized for both mobile and desktop use.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management systems help to manage and promote website content in a better way. Usually, website designers use CMS to get their site content reach to more and more visitors worldwide. Make sure to pick an SEO friendly content management system for the website such as WordPress for the best outcome.

Easy Navigation

It is very important to create a website with an easy to navigate link structure. An efficient and well-organized link structure makes it effortless for search engines to read the website and rank it on the top. It also boosts the user-friendliness of your site resulting in more organic traffic.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is today the most effective method to drive more organic traffic to a website. Website promotion through social media platforms can aid you to connect with more targeted visitors. It helps you to get easily found by a common audience, hence providing more chances for website hits and better ranking on search engines.


Make your website efficiently optimized for accurate content and images. Make sure to use pictures with good resolution and relevance and keywords to make your site more SEO friendly.

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