How To Make Your Vacation Home More Rustic

frgtegtweYour vacation home is the perfect spot to escape to when you’re in need of rest and relaxation. It’s no fun when you arrive and you don’t like the way it looks. A rustic concept is what you need to feel comfortable and excited in your home away from home. Envision warm exteriors and charming exteriors; build a home that encompasses the fall months, and personifies cozy.

It’s going to take hard work and dedication to transform it into the place you envision. This is a job, not a quick fix, however, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Do your research so you know exactly which ideas you love and which ones you can toss aside; limit mistakes by looking at home improvement processes and cost. See how to make your vacation home more rustic.


Your number one focus should be on the décor. Pay attention to the small details in each individual room, as these small details can make or break a space. Paint old doors and windows, stage fresh flowers and hang animal paintings that are designed on wood panels. Throw down lots of area rugs that warm your feet on the cold floors, and if you have a modern fireplace, replace it with a traditional log burner and keep the pile of logs beside it well-stocked.

It’s okay to add a pop of color with the couch pillows or paintings, but keep it decorated with more of the darker rustic tones overall. Color should be in the form of reds, oranges and mustard yellow. Keep your home’s color scheme fluid, so everything is continuation of itself.


Head to the backyard and plant a garden with raised beds or build rustic furniture using railway sleepers and design the pieces yourself. If you’ve got a green thumb, then create a vegetable patch and grow your own produce. Think gourds, such as pumpkins and squashes. Not only will you be able to cut down on your grocery expenses, but you’ll also have rich, seasonal colors appearing throughout the year.

Hard wearing rustic outdoor furniture is perfect for your vacation home. Create a space that’s welcoming and cozy. Place the furniture on the porch and in the yard for when you have campfires. Paint the floors of the front porch and bring out a lamp, rug and cabin décor. If you have an open porch, consider incorporating a swing seat with comfy pillows and red checked, thick blankets.

The more work you put into making your porch and backyard look nice, the more time you’ll want to spend relaxing outdoors – especially during the fall months.


Don’t forget to pay attention to the furniture inside your home too. This includes bedroom pieces, kitchen stools and living room seating. Your best bet is going to be going with antique pieces or focusing in on the wood material. Your goal is to not make it look too modern or new. Build it yourself or find a local shop in the area that’s known for selling rustic furniture. The pieces should look worn and distressed to pull off the look correctly. Don’t be afraid to paint some of the furniture that you think would look better with a little color. You should also consider re-upholstering older furniture, such as armchairs and dining room seats. Take a class on how to do so, or hire a professional to get the look you want.


Hang light fixtures that are lanterns or made of antlers. The more lighting options the better. String lights are perfect for making the bedroom or outdoor patio cozier. Bring out extra candles that smell of fall, such as cinnamon and spice, and start a fire either outside or inside, depending upon the temperatures. Get creative with your light fixtures and find ones that are made of wood with exposed light bulbs or pendant lights made of aluminum.


Decorating your cabin with a new style is exciting. Use this guide as a way to help you get started with your project. Look online and flick through magazines before you start. Research the logistics of your home improvement project, and consider the color, furniture, and lighting options before you start. However, and more importantly, have fun turning your home into rustic charm.

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