How to Get the Most Out of Your Tile Floor Vacuum

g56hg6yh4Whether you have a standard hard floor vacuum or a high-end wet-dry vacuum, there are numerous ways you can get the most utility out of your investment. Cleaning tile flooring or hardwood floors are especially important chores that must be completed regularly to keep your home looking its best, but those aren’t the sole uses for your tile floor vacuum, especially if it is a wet/dry vacuum. Here are some ways you can get the most of your tile floor or hard floor vacuum cleaner.

No Worry Spill Cleanup

If you accidently spill dry food everywhere in the kitchen, it can be a major hassle to cleanup. Wet spills can be even more time consuming and messy, and often time is an issue with cleanup so that the spill doesn’t leave a stain. With a wet/dry vacuum, it doesn’t matter what you spill, as it’s unique two-tank design can clean up any kind of mess and allow you to dump it out discreetly and easily. Even dry hard floor vacuums make quick work of spilled dry goods like flour, sugar, cereal, and similar spills.

Clear That Clogged Sink

Believe it or not, you can clear blocked drains by switching your vacuum from suction mode to blower mode. The compressed air blast will make quick work of whatever is backing up your drain with minimal effort and without the need for harsh chemicals.

Water Bed Moving

If you sleep on a waterbed and you are moving, you will need to drain the mattress before you can transport your water bed to your new home. A quick way to empty a waterbed mattress is to insert your host into the access cover and drain it a little bit at a time, emptying the vacuum into a toilet or bathtub. The makes the process significantly faster, and has less potential for leaks.

Go Ahead: Clean These Curtains

Wet/dry and hard floor vacuums usually come equipped with attachments for cleaning furniture that also work wonders on removing dirt, dust, and debris from curtains as well. Some even include curtain-specific attachments or have them available for purchase separately.

Bad Weather Cleanup

In inclement weather, mud, snow, ice, and all other manner of debris get tracked into the house, especially if you have children or pets. Not thrilled about the idea of cleaning your entryway and main hallways multiple times per day with a broom and scrub brush? Then don’t. Grab your hard floor vacuum or wet/dry tile floor vacuum and get t work getting that bad weather mess off the floor or out of the carpet quickly and easily.

Fireplace Cleanup

Not a fan of sweeping up ashes from the fireplace? Use your wet/dry vac or a hardwood floor vacuum to quickly get all the debris, wood chips, and cold ashes out of your fireplace without straining your back bending over a broom and dustpan.

Flood Cleanup

Got major flooding going on in your home or out in the workshop? Use your wet/dry vacuum to get that water drained and out before it does any permanent damage

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning rugs and carpets is a time consuming chore just to get the dust up, and deep cleaning requires a lot of additional work with cleaning stains, mildew, and other debris from your carpet. A wet dry vacuum can quickly and easily get up all the stain remover and detergent without requiring you to do additional work or make multiple passes over the same area.You can keep your carpeting looking beautiful year round no matter how messy it gets, and your wet/dry vacuum is all you need.

One Step Tile Floor Cleaning

With a wet/dry tile floor vacuum, you can take care of both sweeping up dust, grit, and debris and mopping in one easy step. Just load up the wet chamber with sudsy water, and get to work. The dust and debris will be pulled up into the vacuum, while the wet cleaning scrubbers do the rest.

Ultimately, there are few limitations for cleanup with a wet/dry tile floor vacuum, and hard floor vacuums without the wet cleanup capability are nearly equal in their cleaning versatility. Make sure that you are getting the most use out of your vacuum, and don’t neglect an undesirable or unpleasant cleaning task if you haven’t looked into getting it done with your wet/dry vacuum or hard floor vacuum first. Remember, these appliances exist to make life easier. Don’t hold off on doing something because of the work involved when you can often make quick work of your cleaning with a tile floor vacuum or hard floor vacuum.

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