How to Choose the Right Kitchen Flooring

rfefrThe kitchen is the heart of any home and the flooring within the room can take quite a beating. If it is time to replace the floors in your kitchen, you have many options to consider. Learn a little bit about some of the most popular types of flooring in order to determine what will suit your needs in your kitchen.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a great choice for a kitchen with any style and it also fits into most budgets. You have options in terms of size, color, pattern and shape so you can make the tile fit into what you already have in the room. Ceramic tile is affordable, durable, attractive and easy to clean. The downside is if you spend long periods on your feet in the kitchen, it can be uncomfortable. Tiles can crack as the years go by and the floors can be slippery if they get wet.


Wood flooring has made a huge comeback in recent years because of its beauty and options. It can be comfortable under the feet and gives the kitchen a seamless, warm appearance. Wood floors are a good investment because they increase the value of the home. The problem with wood flooring is that they can receive water damage and scratches easier than other floors. They are durable, but they generally need to be resealed every five years or so.


Laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles that imitate the look of real wood. Engineered wood is affordable and attractive and needs less maintenance than regular hardwood. Laminate is often easy to install because it can go right over your existing flooring. This reduces the labor you have to put into the job or the labor you have to pay for. Laminate costs less than hardwood and tile and does not scratch like natural wood. It can become damaged if it is exposed to water, however, and it cannot be refinished.


Vinyl flooring comes in sheets or tiles and you can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles. Sheets often require installers to do the job, but tiles are easy enough for anyone to do. This flooring is long-lasting and durable and can also go right over the subfloor or previous linoleum or vinyl floors. It is easy to clean and gives you a cushion for standing. Vinyl, however, can easily be gouged and scratched.

Think about all the properties involved with the different flooring options before you choose what is best for your kitchen. You will want to bring style into the room, but don’t forget comfort and functionality as well. Keep a budget in mind as well and remember resale value. It’s a lot to take in, but with a little effort, you can find the right flooring for your kitchen remodeling project. You can order free flooring samples by clicking here.

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