Different Types of Fireplaces

wrfqrefeqA fireplace adds charisma and elegance to a home. It a must have a place where you can always find time to sit and relax the warmth of fire amidst cold winters. When you think of a warm and cozy house, you always picture yourself sitting next to your fireplace sipping coffee and reading a book.

Having a fireplace in an apartment was never imaginable before, but now you can get these ready to use modular fireplaces with gas fires or electric fires in your apartment. These structured fireplaces are ready-made elements that resemble closely to conventional fireplaces.

Why should you buy Victorian style fireplaces?

Fireplaces have been a part of homes for a very long time. Although the trend is slated to start in late Victorian days, few historians argue it ages back to ancient history. Nevertheless, the fireplaces found their relevance during the Victorian period, when the fireplaces became the part of living areas with chimney and fire was made using wood or coal.

During the Victorian period, nice architects designed fireplace chimneys, ’ and they added scriptural carving, floral designs, and statues and even used precious gems to decorate the chimney. This gave the rise of having a luxury chimney at home for all rich people.

Today Victorian designs are most demanded and have a huge market. Firstly they have a good history. Secondly, they provide antique look with a dominant class to the area. These fireplaces look elegant and add a charm to the entire living place.

So if you are looking towards buying a classy yet modern fireplace to add charm to your living room, then the Victorian style fireplaces are the best. You can find plenty of options in the market only that they are bit costlier.

What are the Different types of fireplaces or artificial fire?

According toGazco fires, the following are the most popular options you may consider:


The fireplace manufacturers make different varieties of fireplaces made using different materials like marble, limestone, cast iron, and wood. They are made using an excellent quality material with enticing Victorian designs and various modern designs. These fireplaces add a charm and class to your home apart from providing you a feel of conventional fireplaces.

Gas fires

Many manufacturers offer you a wide range of conventional gas fires as well as traditional gas fires. With over a hundred varieties to choose from, you get the best stylish and elegant looking gas fires for your living area. These gas fires vary from a moderately low budget to high price to suit everyone’s needs.

Electric Fires

With the latest flame and LED technology, the electric fireplaces are becoming more affordable and popular choices. These fireplace companies have a lot to offer in this segment. There are many advantages of using electric fires, firstly they give a very realistic lightning effect, consume less electricity and can be utilized throughout the year.

How to choose the right fire for your home?

Since companies offer you a broad range of fire products that range economic to luxury budget, you can easily choose the one that best suits you.

To bring out the best fireplace effect for your home there are many factors to consider:

  • Firstly the area where you want a fireplace is important; this will help you determine and decide its size and material.
  • Secondly, your purpose of having a fireplace, that means for heating or show effect. If you need for heating, you can use the gas fireplaces or even stove. But if you wish to create an effect with balancing heat throughout the year, electric fireplaces are good.
  • Your budget is of utmost importance. The companies offer you a wide range of fireplaces and fires to suit all kinds of budget. From low range to mid range and even luxury class all are available to you.

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