Chic Remodel Ideas In 2017

trgerThere are a lot of people who would love to relive the Happy Day’s sitcom that was set from the 1950’s and 60’s. The ability to remember Fonzie with the bright pink and yellow colors from the ranch style homes simply razzes their berries.

Post-WWII, the 50’s was an exciting time with bright colors and the boom of prefabricated ranch homes with vibrant colors and modern fancy cars symbolic of the beginning of a new era after a sad and dreary time. Fast forward to almost the year 2020, you would think our bathrooms would be talking to us and toilet paper would be a thing of the past.

2017 has seen the growing trend of revamping the styles from past generations by adding a touch of modernism. This guide will provide you with some modern design ideas that will exude chic of 50’s and 60’s.

The Chic Drop In Sink

The vanity is the main piece in your bathroom. It is the focal point for anyone who enters the bathroom. While many people go mainstream with a stock or standard sink it makes better sense to add some personality in one of the most visited places of your home.

One of the fun things about repurposing an old dresser or study for a sink is finding it. This can be a ton of fun with the right attitude and a right partner in crime. It is very important to discuss the details and what you envisioned with your contractor in order to get the right dimensions and other specifications.

You need to pay attention to the height and the width of the sink to make it not only a beautiful sight but also practical to use. An oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet is a mix of contemporary and vintage like and therefore the perfect choice for the theme you’re going for.

Bamboo Is Not Just For Pandas

Bamboo floors are easy to install and have the most, if not all the benefits of an oak. They are around the same price of a hardwood floor but give your house a distinct uniqueness.

People are searching nowadays for greener ways to remodel their homes. Bamboo is a unique choice that allows to modernise your floors with a type of wood that is able to mature in 3 to 5 years vs a hardwood that can take multiple decades.

While technically Bamboo is not a wood and it is a type of wild grass; it is important to understand the durability and degree of hardness in the flooring you might purchase. Ferma Flooring has the ability to apply the Janka Hardness test on flooring and if you visit their website it will help you understand the composition of Bamboo.

Vintage And Colorful Refrigerators

Old school refrigerators are not just for older auto shops but are the new trend for the contemporary kitchen. These 1950s retro refrigerators with awesome handles will keep your beer and wine cool with style.

The addition of an antique refrigerator can change the look of any kitchen and automatically add a chic vibe to a room. This is a place where your whole family gathers most and memories are made constantly. Eating meals together can be one of the most unifying components with family and friends.

Visiting an Island in the Kitchen

Having extra space and storage in the kitchen is something we all need. One of the best chic ideas that can add style, color, and also more prep space is adding an Island in the kitchen.

Islands have the potential to be colorful and also be a place for the family to hangout and watch the cooking show in real time.

You can add bar stools, contrasting colors from the interior room for your own unique style, and even a sink or cooktops can be dropped in to create an island ready for any type of food prep and cooking action.

With the Kitchen being the busiest rooms in the house where memories are made, it is essential to add more style and fun into cooking and eating.

Clean the Air in Your House and Calm the Vibe

Trying out your green thumb and adding some more oxygen from your carbon dioxide breathing friends is the best way to add a natural and calming effect to your house.

Many common houseplants can improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants during photosynthesis and even in their soil. While removing toxins and adding O2, plants also have proven to boost moods, enhance concentration and memory, and lowering risk for illness.

Adding plants to a house adds a natural and calming vibe by giving your house that natural feel and allowing you to feel that you are not stuck in that dungeon of a home. This is especially important if you are like me and hammer a keyboard all day while staring at a screen.

One of the best things about adding the plants is being creative with the potting or how you will place them around the house. It is not just throwing a plant in the house and letting it sit there by it’s lonesome.

Adding different textured pots and colors can do wonders for your home. Also grouping plants together or even hanging different species on the walls like vines or even singular species like beautiful orchids.

The world is your oyster and it is definitely a blank slate with spicing up your home with our symbiotic buddies, the plants.

Use this guide in creating your chic remodeling design and create an atmosphere you, you family and your friends will enjoy.

If you have any questions, please ask below!