5 Green Investments to Make in Your Home Before Selling

regrtgrwGoing green in your home isn’t just the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money – it can also be a great investment in your property that can substantially increase its value. Today, home buyers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly properties that will ensure they can have as little of a negative impact on the environment as possible, whilst keeping their energy bills to a minimum. So, if you are considering making investments in your home whilst preparing to sell, investing in green solutions is one of the best ways to go forward. Here are some great ways to make your home eco-friendlier to increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Tip #1. Install Solar Panels:

Installing solar panels on your home often involves a costly initial investment, but it can be extremely worth it in the long run, especially if you plan to sell your property in the future. Not only will solar panels enable you to significantly reduce your own energy bills by allowing you to generate and use your own energy at home, it will also substantially increase the value and appeal of your property to potential buyers, who’ll be able to make big savings of their own as a result. See Semper Solaris for more information.

Tip #2. Upgrade Your Insulation:

There are many benefits to having a properly insulated home. Without good insulation in your attic space and walls, the risk of heat being lost is much greater, meaning that you’ll need to use more energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In addition, during the winter months, proper insulation around water pipes in your walls will help to prevent any nasty accidents caused by pipes freezing over and bursting.

Tip #3. Use Smart Solutions:

Today, there is a huge selection of smart devices and systems that you can use at home, from fingerprint door unlocking systems to smart light bulbs that know when to turn themselves off. One of the most popular smart solutions for conserving energy at home is using a smart thermostat, which can be controlled remotely from a device such as a smartphone, allowing you to control the temperature at home even when you’re far away. For many potential home buyers, this feature is a very attractive one, since it means that there’s no risk of the heating or cooling systems being left on unnecessarily when they are out, yet there’s no worry about the house being freezing when they arrive home!

Tip #4. Get Smart Appliances:

If you are planning to sell your home with some appliances included, then investing in smart ones will certainly improve the buyer appeal. Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers are all essential for a modern home, yet they take up a massive percentage of your energy use. Smart appliances are designed to use as little energy as possible, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from energy efficient light bulbs to white goods for the kitchen.

Tip #5. Upgrade Windows and Doors:

Lastly, homes tend to lose a lot of energy through small gaps in windows and doors that you may not have even noticed are there. In addition, older windows, for example those that do not have double glazing, can also be less effective when it comes to trapping hot or cold air in a house. Investing in upgrading your windows and doors so that they are sealed properly can have a massive influence on the amount of energy that you use overall. If you don’t think that it’s worth investing in new doors and windows for your home, you can seal them with weather stripping, which will block any gaps and prevent air from getting in or escaping. Not only does this result in less energy waste and cheaper bills, it’ll also guarantee less drafts and a more comfortable temperature at home.

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