5 Great Additions to the Home That Maximise Utility

frfreqferwAny homeowner knows that space can quickly disappear as life goes on. From growing families to an accumulation of clutter, finding spaces to house all of your people and possessions can be difficult when your house doesn’t grow alongside you.

While an occasional bout of cleaning, charitable donations and jumble sales can help minimise clutter accumulation, it doesn’t address the root problem. Everybody needs a way to find more space and utility in their homes, but it’s not always an easy endeavour.

Today, we’ll talk about five great additions to the home that can help you maximise utility and regain needed space around the house.

Container Shelters

Finding ways to maximise your space around the house while also protecting your valuables isn’t as hard as you might think. One such option is container shelters, which are used in a variety of situations. For everything from refugee settlement to storing your favourite car, container shelters can be erected on-site and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for something to serve as a utility room or a stand-alone garage, this addition to the home can be customised in a variety of ways to match the look and feel of any atmosphere.

Attic Renovation

Do you have unused space above the ceiling in your home? If so, then you may be looking at a prime opportunity to maximise the utility of your home. Both attics and crawl spaces can be excellent places for storage, living and anything else you can imagine.

In the case of a full attic, removing the clutter, excess fibreglass and other unnecessary elements can give way to an excellent bedroom, large closet, new bathroom or even a second full apartment. Whatever utility you’re looking to get out of a space, renovating an attic or expanding a crawlspace can yield great results.

Build a New Addition

The best way to add space and simultaneously enhance any home’s value is to invest in building an entirely new addition. Certainly not cheap, new additions joined to the home can give you extra space and added long-term value for your property.

This space can be designed however you wish, seeing as it will be joined – but not dependent – on the remainder of the structure. This requires professional help in almost all cases and will cost thousands of dollars at minimum, but could be worth it depending on your needs.

Wall Conversions

Running out of space in your existing home? If it is due to a large number of smaller items and possessions, why not use the existing space in your home to accommodate them?

Many people are now looking at wall conversions, which involve adding shelving and other elements aimed at storage to one or more rooms of the home. All of that vertical space along walls in each room often goes unused, but converting even just one room can add the equivalent of dozens of square metres of new storage and utility space.

Downstairs Bathroom

Most traditional family homes have one family bathroom upstairs. Some also have an en suite. However, when you have guests to stay, or you have a growing family, this often isn’t enough, especially if you all need to get out of the house on time each morning.

Many homeowners are looking into adding a downstairs bathroom to their property. A downstairs bathroom can be fitted out with a small shower cubicle, a toilet and a sink, providing an extra washroom for those who need it and convenient lavatory access for those who don’t want to walk upstairs three or four times a day.

A downstairs bathroom can either be built into an existing large room, or it can be added as part of an extension. You don’t need a lot of room for this type of build, though you may have certain planning restrictions on what rooms it can be adjacent to. However, although the planning stage may take time, it will definitely be worth it when you see the advantages that it brings.

There are many home projects and additions that can be deployed for maximising space throughout the home and property. Ultimately, some are cheaper than others – but all can help give you more space and flexibility to do the things you love. The five described above are all worth considering, especially if you are not currently ready to move to a larger property.

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