Top Three Spin Mops for 2017

Choosing the best spin mop might not be easy. They come in huge variety, especially when we consider the size, mopping functions, and easiness of usage. For those reasons, some of the best spin mops are the most popular among users, as they recommend them tremendously. Here is the list for all those people who want to get the best quality for money. These spin mop reviews are based on users’ opinions and main characteristics of this equipment.

3. Linkyo SWR360


This Linkyo SWR360 spin mop has everything that a good mop should have. Even more than that. The head is very balanced and you can feel it during cleaning. Particles are designed to reach small areas of your corners or hidden parts. The dust under the table will disappear in a moment. Move it around in circles and you will clean any area very fast. The best part of this spin mop is a special pole extender. Those tall people will find it very convenient, because the cleaning is much easier with the high extender. You do not have to bend uncomfortably in order to reach the floor. The pole is high enough for everybody. In moments when you want to rest, just place the head in the right position. It will be locked and the best angle will hold it firmly.

2. Twist and Shout Mop


Most spin mop reviews include Twist and Shout spin mop, because of some great characteristics of the mop. It is super light and super easy to use. The weight is only 5 pounds and that is the biggest advantage. You can move it all around the place without difficulties. The lightweight solution is a great asset for the times when you need to clean fast. As an addition, if you want to clean smaller areas or offices, this spin mop might be ideal. It does not splash the water, because of the special system that keeps the excess water under control. The system is smartly designed to provide the comfort, because you can find yourself completely wet during usual mopping. It is not the case with Twist and Shout. You clothes will remain dry and the experience will be more than satisfying. Many people recommend it and the popularity increases each day. The reasons are obvious. You get the small and quality mop that saves each drop of the water and cleans your room in the right manner.

3. CycloMop SSCM500


If you are looking for a professional approach in floor cleaning, then consider CycloMop SSCM500 and get the most out of a spin mop. It is perfect for very dirty environments that require a serious equipment. Functions and materials of this spin mop are made to provide the additional help in cleaning. Big bucket can carry a lot of water, so you can load it extensively. It is made with quality material that cannot break even in situations of continuous usage. Good materials are part of the pole as well. You can use the mop very often without any worry. It is simply made to last. Very big organizations and busy environments use CycloMop SSCM500 as part of standard procedure. People who are business owners buy the mop with intention to get the best quality. Many spin mop reviews place this mop on the top of the lists, because of few characteristics. It is great value for money and it lasts for a long time. The mop has one more asset that is not usual. Dolly wheels are placed under the bucket, so the mobility is hugely improved. You do not have to carry the equipment around the room. Just move it lightly and use the power of wheels. Cleaning is easier and much faster that way. All users agree about one thing. CycloMop SSCM500 is the best slip mop. You can buy it with confidence of getting the most practical cleaning equipment on the market.

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