Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs

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Summer time means that your air conditioning unit is running constantly and therefore exponentially increasing the chances of the unit breaking. An AC that doesn’t work is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. For one, indoor temperatures are unbearable. Secondly, summer being peak AC season, getting your hands on a repairman is bound to be a challenge. The good news is that you can prevent your unit from breaking down by performing the necessary maintenance and AC repair ahead of time.

Start with the maintenance so you can spot potential problems before they actually happen. These can be resolved before summer starts in earnest and guarantee that you have a comfortable indoor climate for the rest of the entire season.

AC Maintenance Tips for summer

The maintenance typically involves cleaning although you will need a few basic tools such as screwdrivers.

Condenser Coils

First turn off the main power to the unit and head outside and check your condenser unit. Uncover the tarp or other cover to check if there is any debris inside the unit. If you spot leaves, dirt, or other debris, carefully remove the protective grill or top panel and clean the condenser coils.

You need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to very gently clean the coils from the outside in. if you are not sure how to proceed (as is likely with stubborn debris), call a Replacement AC service maintenance person to take care of the job for you.

Air Filters

Head to the furnace and inspect the air filters for dust and other debris. If you haven’t cleaned or replaced your filter for more than a year, you will definitely need to perform this task. Carefully clean the air filter or replace if necessary. Refer to the unit’s user manual on how to clean your specific product.

Inspect Coolant Lines

Inspect the hoses running from your unit to see what condition they are in. The insulation layer of the hoses should be consistent throughout. If you notice missing or frayed insulation, replace the hoses with insulation sleeve. Alternatively, cover the problem areas with insulation tape.

Run the AC

Finally, run the unit to confirm that everything works as it should. You should be able to spot potential problems at this point. If you notice any of the below issues, contact a professional for AC repair. Note that ignoring the issue will likely lead to your unit breaking down mid-summer.

Possible AC Repairs for summer

Most serious issues are evident when you run the unit. If you notice any of these problems, get AC repairs from a certified professional immediately.

Not Cool Enough

If you have set your thermostat correctly but your home is not as cool or comfortable as you expect, there might be an issue with airflow. This is relatively easy to fix and may be related to your filter. Other culprits include registers and returns. Either way, a serviceman should be able to diagnose the issue fairly quickly.

Strange Noises

If you notice ticking, buzzing, rattling, or other strange noises, you may want to contact an AC repair company. Common causes include bent fan blades and bad blower motor. The problem might also be a minor one such as a loose screw. Whatever the cause, it is not worth risking running the unit as it is.

AC Takes Too Long to Shut Off

If the AC takes too long to shut off, you may have an issue with thermostat placement or the unit is exposed to heat such as a furnace or direct sunlight. You may want to get a professional opinion before relocating the unit or moving the thermostat in case there is another cause. Even in the aforementioned scenarios, get a certified electrician to move the thermostat or unit to avoid wiring issues and potential fire hazards.

Preliminary maintenance and repairs on your AC just before summer can avoid a lot of unnecessary grief and discomfort. Ensure that any AC repair is performed by a certified and experienced technician.

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