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The Benefits of Foot Massage to Elderly People

Age is just a number” according to a saying.

Indeed, age is just a number; but as we age, our body weakens and our strength deteriorates. That is why most seniors easily get tired and are very susceptible to various kinds of ailments. Muscle and joint pain are common issues during this age specifically on the leg part. In fact even just a short-distance walk, elderly people might already experience leg pain. So, what’s the simplest remedy to muscle and joint pain? Massage!

How Elderly People Benefit from Foot Massage?

Massage boasts tons of benefits to our bodyspecifically to the older ones. Getting a foot massage will help relieve muscle pain on the lower part of the body. In fact, massage on the feet can help ease aching joints and pain in different parts of the body. It is said that our foot consists of certain points corresponding to different body areas. By simply applying pressure on these joints, pain can be eased. Other version of foot massage is called reflexology.

Benefits of Foot Massage:

  • Ease Aging Related Pain and Stiffness-Seniors can easily feel joint pains and muscle stiffness after vigorous activities. Actually, vigorous activities do not really imply hard and tough works considering that elderly can no longer tolerate those kinds of activities. Because of age, some seniors experience muscle stiffness after a long walk or standing.

By doing foot massage, pain related to aging can be alleviated.Massage therapycan mobilize those tender muscles and joints promoting gradual restoration of the joint. Also, it can help minimize the risk of inflammation around the joint.

  • Improve Blood Circulation-The prime benefit of massage is to improve circulation. Better circulation means blood can distribute nutrients and oxygen promptly all over the body. Poor blood circulation can lead to complications and health problems on the lower part of the body specifically on the limb. Meanwhile, reduced blood flow suggests that tissues on the legs and feet won’t receive the needed nourishment to work properly. Another way to improve blood circulation is by keeping warm. Staying warm is particularly important for older people as they tend to feel the cold more. If you are not satisfied with your current heating setup, seek out heater installation services to get yours replaced.

Foot massage involves skin rolling, tapping, pressing and kneading (light). By doing this, the veins are likewise pampered allowing the blood to flow smoothly. Just image if you sit for a long time without moving, this will likely make your legs numb. This means the blood were not able to supply oxygen to your legs.

  • Better Emotional Well-Being-Let’s face it. Most adults are emotional-feeling depressed, stressed and lonely. A good foot massage can help them relax including their minds. It can reduce the tension, anxiety and depression. Emotional issues often bother older people, which often result into poor health and lifestyle. Additionally, the sense of companionship whenever senior visits the massage therapist is a great proof that massage has also a positive psychological impact.

If your senior visits the therapist regularly, it is possible to develop a friendship between the two. While having the therapy session, your senior can share whatever things she/he wants to share.

With all these benefits, it’s undeniably true that foot massage can bring in good effects on one’s health as well as well-being Yes, there are so many things you can do to help keep your elderly healthy or to improve health. For instance, you can accompany your senior in walking or jogging around the neighborhood to flex muscles. By simply doing these simple exercises, you are helping your senior stay healthy. Or you can give your senior medical devices, like Medical Guardian, for safety purpose. Otherwise, you can bring your senior to a massage therapist for a foot massage or even a full body massage.

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