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Assisted Living Communities: The Next Great Adventure of Your Life

old-workersWhen we are children, we can hardly wait to grow up. We think only of the freedom we will have to do ‘whatever we want’ and just BE grown. And it doesn’t matter how many times those around us encourage we slow down and enjoy youth; we are chomping at the bit, ready to be released into our future, leaving what we feel are the constraints of childhood behind.

And then, one day, we look in the mirror and we realize: we really have left our childhood behind. Somehow, those days of imagining what it would be like to be grown seem like a thousand years ago. We have stories we’d love to tell to the next generation, advice we’d like to give–but they, too, are focused on an unseen tomorrow, and all we can do is watch as they rush the days we know they should hang on to.

When Reality Doesn’t Look Like What You Thought it Would

Today, in your life as a grown up, you’ve reached a stage when you realize you may need to change tactics for yourself. That instead of the youthful wish to be free of another person’s support, you now see the benefit of saying “I would rather not do this alone.”

And it’s not as hard or sad as you once imagined it would be to realize that! In fact, you’re ready for something new; you’re ready for your golden years to be lived out surrounded by new friends, fun activities, and a supportive support team that is there to ensure you have freedom and privacy while simultaneously offering services that are personalized to your needs.

Why Assisted Living is Not a Life Sentence

The idea that assisted living communities are simply dungeons for ‘old people to die’ is a stereotype that simply isn’t true. The truth, however, is that whatever your personality type, you can find a home in an assisted living facility that matches who you are and what you need. You just want to be sure you ask the right questions while doing your research, questions that will give you insight into the communities you visit and will make the decision-making easier.

  • What activities are provided?: Because your golden years should still be reflective of the active days of your youth, the activities and programs available to you should hold interest and be something you find engaging.
  • What services are provided?: Many assisted living communities will provide nursing, food service, house cleaning, maintenance, transportation and more. Your job is to ask for a complete run-down, and if there is something specific you know you would like to have for your home, ask ahead of time to ensure you can receive all that is available.
  • What are the other tenants of the community like?: Considering the fact that the men and women in the assisted living community will be your neighbors you will see day in and day out, it’s an important question to ask.

If you have any questions, please ask below!