Four Key Things Great Promo Items Have

frwgergwWe’ve previously mentioned that an excellent way to introduce your business to potential customers is by handing out promotional items that fulfill two goals – to be something clients find functional and at the same time informative.

Promotional merchandising helps business owners and advertisers create a remarkable and positive impression on their customers and other potential clients.

Since promotional products like business cards online deliver a better cost per impression when compared to the many other kinds of media advertising, it’s no longer surprising to know that new and even well-established businesses still spend a significant amount of money for research on how to come up with the perfect promo merchandise to boost their sales.

But in a sea of promotional items, how do you make yours striking enough for consumers to catch? Here are four things to remember when deciding on your next promotional merchandise.

Promotion in Four Ways

Niche audience

Like in other advertising plans of marketing agencies, or even in public speaking and in writing, we always consider who we are relaying our message to and who might be interested in or in need of what we have to offer.

If we are marketing to business people and corporate employees, it makes sense if we give them something they would find useful in the office. In this case, the common promo items like pens, pad papers, folders, or paperweights would serve well. If, however, our target market are families, then things we can use at home are ideal.

Matching our giveaways with our target audience’s interests is vital and somehow imperative, so our promo items will serve the first purpose we mentioned earlier.

Pass the message vividly

Another goal, the importance of which we can’t emphasize enough, is to convey your brand or organization’s message and to differentiate it from the all your other competitors. There’s this one particular promo item that served no other purpose other than to let people know they are a pest control company ready to kill the unwanted insects lurking in our homes.

They did make an impact by slipping fake roaches under people’s houses! And their message? The words “see how easy it is to get into your house” were written on the fake roach bellies along with the company’s contact details. Smart and concise, right?

The longer it lasts, the better

There’s no question about the greatness in creating an impression on prospective consumers using an item people want with the message you’re delivering. However, your promotional move achieves more when they last longer than the period it takes people to throw your promo items away.

If you distribute items like plastic water bottles, chances are they will not last long enough for customers to remember what you’re trying to sell them significantly. One way to make the promo merchandise last longer is to include a personal touch. That is why you need to choose companies that offer greeting cards printing and other printing services that provide high-quality products.

Personalize for greater customer engagement

Investing on emotions is a business strategy that helps a brand build a stronger connection with its clients. That’s why some ads emotionally appeal to people. But then how can everyday promotional items stir people’s emotions?

One sure way to do this is to transform mundane objects into materials or keepsakes that people would rather keep than throw away. An excellent way to make memorabilia out of these items is to use photography in capturing moments that people can relate to at a personal level.

When promo items become memorabilia with moments customers care about printed on them, then there’s a high possibility that they’d find your product more appealing. In turn, and we can bet on this, they will become proactive consumers engaging with your business.

Another reason why personalizing your marketing efforts works is consumers will feel special and attached to your brand. Think about the famous and successful “Share a Coke” campaign of Coca-Cola. Their product sells because people reacted positively to seeing their own or their loved one’s names on the labels.

So giving away promo items such as this, will catch consumers’ attention and pique their interests. Think about it. You can even protect your trademark through a brand lawyer to make sure your competitors won’t copy your campaign strategy.


At the end of the day, what we want is to make the most out of what we’re giving away. We can make an impression on consumers using whatever item we want. But a well-thought of the promotional giveaway can generate a positive impact and a lasting one too.

When we make use of the right material with the right message we want to bring, our promo items are sure to serve their goals, and odds are, people will remember our brand and the products we sell.


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