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Steps To Setting Up Your Inventory Warehouse [Infographic]

If you are looking to store inventory for drop shipping or for your own products, you will need to look into having your own inventory warehouse set up. A warehouse is perfect for keeping all of your products safe and secure until an order is placed. Setting up a new warehouse can be a big process. However, there are some crucial steps to take when you first start out. Below are some of the first steps to getting your new inventory warehouse set up and ready to fill up with products.

Finding A Warehouse Location

Most companies choose to lease their warehouse buildings. One of the biggest benefits of leasing is having the ability to move if the area is not optimal for shipping out your products. Also, some areas might offer more favorable labor opportunities than others. Some areas often find there is a shortage of labor and need to move their locations.

Choose Warehouse Layout

The first step in setting up your warehouse it to plan out the layout. When adding things like pallet racking, you will want the have enough room to maneuver around them and easily add the pallets of inventory onto them. A warehouse layout should be set up in a way that workers can easily and safely work in the most efficient manner.

Choose Warehouse Equipment

The services and amenities offered in a warehouse can vary and will depend largely on the staff, space, and equipment. To run a warehouse efficiently, there needs to be the right mix of all three. The equipment should be chosen and set up in a way that all employees are able to use it safely and efficiently. Safe shelving is very important for keeping all workers from harm’s way.


Choosing how to set up your new warehouse and choosing the best location is crucial for the success of your business. The process of setting it up correctly entails following strategies and complex planning of the layout and procedures to be followed so that inventory fulfillment runs efficiently and smoothly without errors. There are many ways in which a warehouse owner can run their business better. Warehouse solutions for a business are determined using a wide variety of different factors and they all play a crucial role in the setup of the space. Choosing pallet racks like the ones from Simply Rack are a great choice because they are safe and reliable.

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