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How to Make a Business Event Memorable

corporate-eventWhether you’re hosting a conference, a seminar, a networking party or a product launch, it’s natural that you will want to make the best possible impression with your corporate event. An event is about more than just its function – it’s a way to showcase your brand in a great way. You want everyone who attends to get a lasting impression of your business and leave feeling enthusiastic about you.

Getting the marketing for you event right is a vital and it is also worth starting the planning a long time before you think you need to. But when it comes down to the details of the event, what are the best ways to make it memorable? Below are some of our favourite ways to make a business gathering successful.

Choose the right venue

The success of your event will live or die on the right choice of venue. It can be easy to fall back on the easy options of a hotel’s function room or a country house, but with so many great alternatives out there it’s well worth looking into somewhere a little more unusual.

Consider a floating conference – it’s now possible to hire live private boats with enough space to host a large event. If that thought makes you seasick, how about something truly grand? A number of castles can be hired for events. This adds a level of elegance, luxury and prestige that attendees will always associate with you and your business.

If you’re looking for something unusual, an increasing number of museums are also opening their doors for private functions and conferences. The Science Museum and the National Motorcycle Museum are two great examples of locations that add a level of quirky gravitas to any event.

Get interactive

Interactivity can really help your event stand out. Guests who are getting interactive at your event will be engaged and enjoying their time with you. There are a range of great ways to help your audience get the most out the event. Photo booths are gaining popularity at business functions – they are fun, playful and can be a great way to get people talking. Alternatively hiring games can add a little competitive element; never a bad idea.

The purpose of interactivity is to create a great atmosphere in the room so that you’ve got a space with people building rapport amongst themselves. Keeping your guests in high spirits is the best way to ensure your event is a success.

Great food

Getting the food and drink right is a big deal. Bad or cheap food can be a talking point for the wrong reasons and can sour attendees’ opinions of you and your event. If at all possible it’s a great idea to theme the food in a way that makes sense for your product or function.

Many venues include food and drink packages in the price but it is also possible to dry hire venues without any level of catering. This could then allow you to bring in your own team to create an extra special gastronomic experience. Make sure you check with your venue about their rules and regulations on what you can do with food and drink there.

Fun and games

Providing memorable entertainment can help lift any event. You always want to have plenty of icebreakers to ensure your guests are chatting and having fun. Live music always goes down well, but it’s not brilliant for stimulating conversation. Instead you can choose something low key that blend in seamlessly with the conference.

Serving cocktails at the bar? Consider hiring a team of performance bartenders to wow the crowd and serve drinks in a unique and stylish way. Alternatively you could hire performers to integrate their work with the guests – dancers, gymnasts or magicians are always impressive up close.

The entertainment should never overshadow the purpose of the event, and similar to the food, if you can hire entertainment that all fits around the same theme; all the better. This can be especially effective with product launches if you can find performers who can incorporate your product into their show.

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