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Happiness Is Getting New Donors – Here’s How To Keep Them Forever

So you’ve just got a new donor for your non-profit – Congratulations on that!

What is the next thing you plan to do? One of course is being able to keep them longer than just the first time. You make a list of some extremely useful tricks that you can use to keep your donors longer, but before you literally start planning the things here’s a handy guide for you.

Now when you read this know that these are exactly the things that you need to keep your new donors forever; so read the post until the end and grab some useful information.


#Welcome Series – Greet them appropriately and create a positive first impression; remember it counts! Your first encounter with the donor will have huge results on whether your donors choose to stay or not in the longer run.

A welcome series is an impressive way to introduce your new supporters to your mission. It consists of 2-4 pre-written and automated emails that every person receives if they are new to your organization. You can think of this as an “orientation for supporters”.

The need you ask? It will help them decipher your short as well as long term goals and you will be able to convey your messages directly through a short message, eventually creating a transparent system.

The first of the many things in the welcome series includes an official mail – which will officially mark the welcome of the many good things. Use this email to develop trust and establish your legitimacy by sharing a huge success story and leveraging social proof. Your goal here is to make sure people recognize how impactful your organization has been already.

#Interact – The power of communication is the strongest of all and those who regularly stay in touch with their donors are most successful in keeping a forever relationship. Interaction doesn’t always mean you call them up or drop in a message; it would also include a small mail thanking them for their previous donations and letting them know how it helped making a difference in the society.

Stay in touch by all possible means and keep it positive – it’ll always motivate your donors to keep in touch with you and continue their efforts in making things better. Keep your donors updated with any new additions in your church’s vision and mission, as well as any new changes that you’ll be making in future.

In case of an event organized by your church or non-profit never forget to send an invite to the donor – remember little gestures make a huge difference in building a healthy relationship.

#Thank You – Don’t miss out on the big words – they’re very much important. Thank your donors for all the support they constantly keep showering upon you and for all their valuable donations. Whether it is a small donation or a big one your words of appreciation will always make a huge difference while keeping the honors motivated.

Whatever little means you adopt to thank your owners make sure you’re doing them the right way. Write a small mail with the nicest words possible, or maybe a hand-written note for a personal touch and to beautifully touched by their actions. You can also choose to meet and thank them in person if that is possible – this is the best way to thank someone who’s done something really great for you.

The Bottom Line

New donors are just as important as the old and constant ones, and because it all starts with a first time it is essential that you make all the necessary efforts to retain your donors. Your first few interactions with the donors will be a testament of how long they’ll stay, which is why your efforts must be strong enough to convince them for a second donation and then the third and so forth.

Remember, your donors and you are a team – and that’s exactly it should work!

By Datadevelopments

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