How To Show Your Staff That You Appreciate Them

Business is a cruel world, so you have to make sure that those who work for you and your business know that they are very much appreciated. There are many ways in which you can show your appreciation for them, just remember that they are the reason your business is successful. It’s suggested that you give out treats to specific people and teams as a whole around once a month, anything less than this and you run the risk of them going long periods of time without positive reinforcement. In between physical treats you need to make sure that you are positive with the words you speak, giving compliments when needed etc. So what should you think about doing?

Employee Of The Month

employee of the month

It might sound super cliche to have an employee of the month, but it’s a really effective way to not only motivate your team but to introduce some friendly competition. Having this in place can boost your productivity and profits all at the same time as the staff want to beat each other whist gaining money in the process. Smashing targets makes employees feel good and you should make sure to congratulate those who perform better and encourage those who don’t. You don’t need to have a plaque as such, you can always buy a fun badge or a mini trophy that can be passed on to those who win each month. It’s cost effective as you’re only paying for the trophy/badge once, but month on month your employees boost your sales.

Mini Competitions


Employee of the month doesn’t need to be the only competition, you can set very specific competitions to your employees that require them to meet monthly goals. Unlike employee of the month these goals can be more flexible and change depending on your company needs. Let’s say for example you run a beauty salon and your sales for hair dye have dropped, you can set a goal for your employees to sell 50 hair dye products within a month and the winner gets a gift card. Make mini competitions that not only create friendly friction but also help the company as a whole. The gift card can be a high street voucher, one that can be used in many shops, or bespoke to that person. Ask your employees to give you a list of 3 places they like to shop so you always know what to get them.

Monthly Lunch

office lunch

A months work, no matter what type of business you are, is hard. Getting through the month without some kind of hitch is almost impossible for most companies. Stress is killer in the workplace and can severely reduce your workers productivity. You can combat this by having a monthly lunch, paid for by the company, that brings everyone together in a formal setting and just show them that you’re proud of the work they do for you. Set aside 2-3 hours of an afternoon, really show them that you have their best interests in mind. You can actually save money by buying as a larger group, many restaurants will give you discounts when you order in bulk.

Pay Rises

money on desk

It goes without saying that if the business is doing very well, so should your employees. If there are specific people who are performing much better than the others then they need to be shown that they are worth more to you. It sounds cruel, but pay rises can really boost the confidence of those who work hard but are modest about it. If your company have some spare money you should always consider pay rises, especially if your workers are on minimum wage.

Office Treats

office treats

Treats can come in the form of biscuits, donuts, sweeties and even fresh fruit. You can also treat your staff to some fun games like Twister or Pictionary. Office treats are those that come as and when you have time and money. If you have had a very productive day then you might want to treat everyone to some cookies, alternatively if your team have done so well that they’re not as busy as usual then you can use that time for some great team building through fun physical or mental games.

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