Why Your Business Cannot Survive Without a Bookkeeping Software

Bookkeeping software are computer programs developed with the sole purpose of enabling you to handle your company’s financial matters easily. They come in all shapes and sizes, with some meant for simple bookkeeping and others powerful enough to handle anything related to finances. If I could sum up all the benefits bookkeeping software bring to your business, it would be efficiency and saving money. Let’s have a closer look.

Saving Money

I think the simplest accounting software you have ever used is the one that comes by default with your OS on your computer; actually, it is the calculator. Rather than sit down, take out a pen and paper (or find some sharp object to write on your skin or the ground), draw lines and start doing calculations manually, you are more likely to consult the calculator nearest to you, probably the one in your phone. Why do you reach out for the calculator? Simple, it is more accurate than you are and it will do complex calculators in the split of a second.

Bookkeeping software are just advanced calculators. They take calculations to a completely new level. They are designed specifically to handle the kinds of computations you will tackle in the accounting or finance environment. They enable you to save money because they are accurate, work lightning fast, and save time. Their accuracy significantly reduces human error, which reduces the chances that you may lose money by overlooking something or doing the wrong calculations.

Precision and Speed

I’ve already touched on these two in the foregoing section but let’s explore them some more.

Balance sheets, checkbooks, invoices, salaries, inventories, and anything else that affects your credit and debit score are things you cannot take lightly in a business. Furthermore, these items normally involve hectic calculations. If you had a tough day and decided it was time to work on your ledger, chances are that you are going to mess things up. Sometimes you just have to keep tabs on many things. You have to know where money came from, where it went, and where it is supposed to come from. Doing all these things manually while keeping track of everything is normally challenging for our easily influenced, manipulated, and confused brains. It is for this reason that bookkeeping software are invaluable for your business.

They come equipped with several features that record, compare, group, and monitor every related item. While shopping, compare bookkeeping software because sometimes you have to set things up and sometimes they do all these things on their own. Either way, they speed things up for you by keeping all these things in one place and allowing you to access any information you need either with just the click of a button or setting up a thing or two here and there.


In a business environment, people have to know how things are going and that’s why reports are unavoidable. Bookkeeping software are developed with this fact in mind. In fact, they are perfect for this kind of thing. Their feature of keeping track of everything related means they can generate complex reports with either a click or a few clicks. the best part is that you won’t have to take out a marker, several geometrical instruments, some sheets of manila paper, and spend the entire night or two (or a week) drawing pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. Damn! Imagine there was a time people used to do that.


If you think keeping track of your business transactions is hectic, wait until you have to do it for tax purposes. It’s better to deal with a disgruntled employee, dissatisfied customer, or even to owe a don some money than to owe the IRS. Don’t be scared now, I’m just trying to emphasize that paying taxes is important and bookkeeping software make things much easier for you. Their ability to take note of related items makes them ideal for tax-related activities. Furthermore, some of them even come equipped with features just for handling taxes. Things cannot get any easier.

The above are not just the reasons you need to find yourself a favorite bookkeeping software, they are also features you can look for when shopping for one. I bet you sense the urgency of a company investing in reliable bookkeeping software.

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