Why Should You Consider Using Li-Fi in Your Office?

Most modern-day offices have already introduced IoT devices to make operations seamless. Those who are yet to make the most of the technology will have to start using it in some form in the next few years. However, one issue companies may face after making IoT a regular thing in their offices is a lack of good connectivity.

Experts from top Li-Fi providers likeOledcomm Solutionsbelieve that by 2025 the world will have more than 30 billion active IoT devices. This can take a toll on the already overstrained Wi-Fi networks. That’s where the idea of using Li-Fi or Light Fidelity in offices becomes relevant. Read on to find out how introducing Li-Fi can benefit your office.

Li-Fi in Offices Is a Thing of the Future

Light Fidelity, which is commonly referred to as Li-Fi, is a VLC (Visible Light Communication) system capable of transmitting ultra-fast wireless internet connection. This new tech works by making LED lights such as LED bulbs emit pulses, which enable data transmission between receivers. To be more precise, Li-Fi boasts the ability to transform all LED lights in an office into high-speed, secure access points for the internet and thereby provides immersive connectivity all over your office building.

Here, you must know, that Li-Fi is not a substitute for Wi-Fi. Instead, this tech is meant to supplement the existing wireless connectivity in your office to keep all your IoT units connected. Li-Fi will ensure that every department of your company can complete its daily digital operations seamlessly.

The Advantages of Introducing Li-Fi in Offices

Li-Fi is a new VLC tech and is still developing. Still, users are experiencing significant benefits by using it in offices. Some of the most prominent ones among them are:

The ability to offer ultra-fast speed internet connection:According to experts, Li-Fi will be much faster than Wi-Fi networks. It has the potential to touch the elusive speed of 100 Gbps, which makes it almost 14 times faster compared to WiGig (60 GHz Wi-Fi), the fastest Wi-Fi available on this planet.

With such high-speed connectivity, keeping online communications flawless will become much simpler. Additionally, the overall expenses of increasing the bandwidth of office networks will also decrease considerably.

Shorter signal range:The range of the LED bulb signals of Li-Fi networks is much shorter than that of the radio frequency signals of Wi-Fi. Here, you must note that, unlike Wi-Fi signals, Li-Fi signals cannot penetrate the walls. However, that doesn’t result in a drop in internet speed.

You will remain connected to Li-Fi despite not being near the light source generating the signals. That’s possible because Li-Fi can receive and send data via light reflections. This means any space (including office space) with multiple light fixtures will be able to enjoy the benefits of using Li-Fi.

Constant and unlimited internet connection:When you are relying on Li-Fi you are actually relying on the various light sources in your office for generating internet connectivity. As a result, you and your employees will be able to enjoy constant and unlimited access to the internet in every corner of the office building.

You can move from one part of the building to another even when taking Zoom calls and there will not be any interruption in the calls. What’s more, you will have access to the internet even in areas that are usually categorized as dead spots for wireless connectivity such as the basement.

Improved data security:Contrary to what many may assume, the short signal range of Li-Fi will play a big role in keeping your business data secure. The employees who deal with sensitive information about business deals, company finances, etc. will prefer connecting to Li-Fi networks as it will help them to prevent cybersecurity issues such as data breaches without any additional effort.

Better bandwidth control:Organizations using Li-Fi will have improved control over internet bandwidth. Depending on their requirements, they can install additional lighting fixtures, which will provide them with increased bandwidth automatically. For instance, the installation of overhead lighting will help guest networks to get internet access. Desk lamps, on the other hand, can provide internet access to specific office areas or teams.

Connectivity even in low-light situations:As Li-Fi remains functional till the time there is light reflection, you will have connectivity in low-light situations. This means you will enjoy great connectivity even if you dim the lights during slide presentations on projected screens. Having light reflections in the conference room would be enough to keep your Li-Fi network active.

The Journey of Li-Fi in Offices

Li-Fi was introduced in offices in 2018 when a France-based company decided to use Li-Fi in its offices. They had to make some complex modifications as the market still didn’t have devices and computers with any built-in technology for using Li-Fi.

Within a year i.e., in 2019 the market got its first range of office and industrial Li-Fi lighting that would provide connection to businesses looking for reliable and secure wireless connectivity. This event made it easier for companies to introduce Li-Fi in their offices.

Today, things have become even more streamlined as far as Li-Fi is concerned. The market is now filled with lots of Li-Fi products. Examples include intuitive units meant to empower modern-day offices, units designed to provide internet access to people working from home, and more.

You may hesitate to install Li-Fi units in your office building worrying about the initial expenses. However, the fact is that once you finish installation, you will need to spend a minimum amount every month to enjoy a high-speed internet connection.

Final Words

Do you want to use Li-Fi to have a faster and smoother internet connection in your office? If yes, get your Li-Fi solutions from a trusted company. This will ensure that the Li-Fi units you are using are durable and will provide you with ultra-fast Internet speed.

Other than office buildings, the Li-Fi network can be a great choice for school buildings, restaurants, hotels, and almost all other commercial spaces.

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