Why do businesses need remote desktop software and what are the best options?

Today, many businesses turn towards remote desktop software to help improve their company’s efficiency, reduce wasted time, and improve communication in various locations across the world. By choosing the correct type of remote desktop software for your company, you can connect with your employees, management staff, or clients to reliably and consistently communicate.

There are many options to choose from when looking for the best remote desktop software. Weeding through the choices takes time, narrowing down what your business requires in terms of pricing, security, customer support, and added features.

We describe the basics of remote desktop software, the benefits of using this software for your business, and the most reliable and feature-heavy options on the market today to choose from.

What is remote desktop software?

Remote desktop software is an operating system that lets someone’s personal computer’s desktop environment be run remotely while being displayed on a separate device. Remote desktop software has various features, with some options letting you combine with an existing user’s session or using ‘remote controlling’ to take over a form of remote administration.

Remote desktop access is remote control of a computer by using another device. This process is widely used by many companies, corporations, and businesses throughout the world who need help fixing their client’s problems in a different location.

Remote desktop software sends the display commands to a local computer for the unit to be controlled remotely. By sharing a client and server model, the client is installed on a local computer and connects to a server component. The server component ‘takes over’ the client to help troubleshoot any technical issues.

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Remote desktop software uses

The main use of remote desktop software is remote administration, allowing buyers who are far away from a vendor to complete a sale, or a boss who is far away from an employee or client to solve problems. Most remote access software allows one computer to have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and remote control software to support other users.

Remote desktop software can easily be stored on USB hardware, allowing the user to connect the device to any device in their network. This model ensures the local computer is turned on when the user wants to access the device.

Best remote desktop software of 2021

When analyzing the differences between remote desktop software, you may have already heard of a few choices like VPN Connect, LogMeIn, or TeamViewer. However, it might not be exactly what you are looking for. Need a great alternative to Teamviewer, Logmein, or VNC for your business or organization? Check out the complete-free-no-strings-attached Connect & Fix from Corporate Armor later in this list.


This remote computer access is specifically designed for business users. The positives of this software are the versatile web app that is compatible with handheld devices and the ability to work with a large number of connections and employees. The negatives of using RemotePC are the long time it takes to set up and the lack of features included in the web app.

Zoho Assist

This remote desktop software is a great all-around option that has a low and affordable price with a high selection of powerful tools and features, this remote desktop software uses voice and video chat and screen annotation. The cons of using this software are the lack of a general plan that contains the high-end features and the free tier is limited.


This remote desktop contains impressive features, session recording, multi-platform support, and TLS encryption. The positives of this remote desktop software are the specialized plans and compatibility with multiple devices. The only negatives of using this option are the different features on other devices and the expensive price.

Parallels Access

Parallels is an excellent choice for those who want to access their desktop from a mobile device remotely. The positives to buying this software include the user-friendly access and the unique mobile interface. The negatives of using this software are the absence of advanced features and the lack of compatibility with remote network control.

LogMeIn Pro

This remote desktop software contains high-end solutions for corporations, large businesses, and enterprises. The reasons to buy this software are the powerful features and spacious cloud storage. The negatives are the expensive price and the plethora of tools that can be overwhelming for some users.

LogMeIn has become one of the world’s largest SaaS companies with tens of millions of active users and 3,500 global employees. LogMeIn offers various remote desktop software options for users, such as Central.

Central lets you maintain your IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world, enabling your business to continue improving and your employees to work from home.

  • The base plan offers HD remote access, user and device management, multi-monitor display and support, background access, file transfer, and desktop sharing.
  • The remote desktop software works with internal IT teams on iOS and Android devices, providing software updates.
  • The remote desktop software lets you keep your businesses up and running with automated software updates.
  • The main components of the LogMeIn software are remote control, user management, computer grouping, antivirus management, remote deployment, and computer health monitoring.

Despite LogMeIn having many positives, the high price sometimes deters users from choosing this remote desktop software.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect has the following benefits when compared to other remote desktops software options:

  • Intuitive remote control – use the mouse to control the computer in a different location
  • Tried and tested – the original creators of VNC technology know-how to reliably create a product that provides a responsive screen-sharing experience
  • Cross-platform support – easily connect PC to PC and mobile to PC across different platforms and brands
  • Attend and unattended access – Connect with remote computer owners
  • Direct and cloud connectivity – the Cloud service finds cloud connection between devices
  • Pre-install or connect instantly – add device access to your subscription
  • File transfer – you can carry out functions that are not limited to just interacting with the remote screen
  • Secure – VNC Connect ensures your business remains private
  • Online team management – control remote computers and invite people on your team to share remote access from one centralized location
  • Remote deployment – deploy VNC Connect in bulk or remotely using your enterprise tooling
  • Virtual desktops under Linux – create virtual desktops on Linux devices

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control uses cross-platform technology and host pass configuration to connect with numerous remote devices. The reasons to buy this software include the powerful software, easy deployment mechanism, and extensive features. The only negative of choosing this option is the expensive price.


TeamViewer is one of the top remote software options for cross-platform compatibility, remote installation, automated mass deployment, and secure access. The reasons to buy this software is the user-friendly nature and the compatibility. The negatives of this software are the high price and the ability to lag with connections.

As you can see, some remote desktop software options are expensive and lack some features you may need for your business. In this case, you need to find an alternative – and we found Corporate Armor.

Corporate Armos is a supplier of technology products, security items, and infrastructure, offering a large selection of wireless and data storage products. This company offers full-service customer help to any size business, ensuring support is readily available at all times.

Corporate Armor could be exactly what you need for your business. This remote desktop software provides IT, network, software, and security solutions without a high price tag. Corporate Armor sells various items, such as the following:

  • Networking – Access point, firewall, IoT, link balancer, load balancer, network access control, router, switch
  • Software – Antivirus, Data leak prevention, Remote desktop, Free remote support software
  • Mounting hardware – Rackmount
  • Storage – Backup, message archiver
  • Inventory Management – Barcode printer, Barcode scanner, inventory control, point of sale

Why choose Corporate Armor?

  • Large selection – This business offers numerous products that can aid businesses of any size, whether they are startups, entrepreneurs, or large corporations
  • Superior quality – Provides only the best products from reliable and high-quality manufacturers
  • Expert consultation – Experts are available to contact by phone, chat, or email to diagnose and troubleshoot your problems
  • Industry-leading experience – The leadership team has over 100 years of experience to help with all of your issues

Corporate Armor Remote Desktop Software

Corporate Armor uses free and secure remote support software for any size business, corporation, school, government, charity, or individual use. Corporate Armor connect & Fix is a reliable, consistent, secure, and affordable remote desktop software that lets you support your staff, employees, and clients from any location in the world.

Connect & Fix offers services such as:

  • Share my screen
  • Keyboard and mouse control
  • File transfer
  • In-session chat
  • Drawing tool
  • Erase
  • Pointer
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Remote system information


Business owners need to choose the remote desktop software that best fits their needs, budget, security system, and tech compatibility. With various options on the market, like VNC Connect, LogMeIn, and TeamViewer, some entrepreneurs and small startups may find these options are too expensive or confusing for beginners.

Instead, new business owners can try Corporate Armor for an easy-to-use, intuitive, inexpensive, reliable, and no-strings-attached option.

If you have any questions, please ask below!