The Newest Technology for Enhanced Business Communication

Enhanced Business CommunicationCreating a cohesive business with a handful of employees is a challenge, but managing hundreds of workers successfully is typically met with many communication issues along the way. From weekly announcements to the everyday grind, business communication is paramount to any company’s bottom line. Today’s technology isn’t just for entertainment, but poses a perfect strategy to connect employees throughout a company.

Snippets to Followers

Instead of tweeting to a group of followers, some of the newest technology is reverting to voice messages. Send out a quick voice message to your followers, much like Twitter works. These snippets are less than 10 seconds long, but get your point across. Send a quick reminder about a small change on a company project, for example. Your voice often has more impact than a benign email, providing the workers with the push they need to alter the project and move forward.

Voice Texting

A variation on the snippet voice message is voice texting. You send out a voice message, similar to old-fashioned answering machines. The recipient’s phone records the message and notifies them. When there’s time, the recipient checks and listens to the message. This technology is useful for many employees out in the field. If their hands are dirty on a job site, for instance, they can make the voice text without touching the letters on the device. Even the recipient has their hands free to continue driving or working as they listen to the message.

Transforming Devices

When you become comfortable with a device, you’re much more productive with it. Typing, messaging and moving between programs is a snap for you. Some companies are starting to use desktop conversions to integrate each employees’ tablets or smartphones into the everyday office space. Tablets double as a desktop computer when a keyboard is attached, for example. The smartphone connects into the landline to create a hardwired phone in the company’s system. Any device integration seems to streamline everyday work for everyone.

Internal Social Media

Companies used to be frustrated with social media at work, creating a productivity issue each day. Some innovative managers, however, are embracing the social idea and forming internal social media with posting. Everyone can post to the company’s newsfeed, giving employees a chance hear about a project or overall company activities. Posts should be positive to lift morale or informative to keep everyone abreast of current issues in the industry. Being an exclusive social media platform makes it more appealing for all workers to participate regularly.

Video Conferencing Without Hardware Headaches

Video conferencing isn’t a new concept in business, but technology was giving rise to a complicated IT setup at each company location. From servers to cameras, it was a full-time job just to maintain the conferencing equipment. Today’s companies look for cloud video conferencing to take the effort out of the hardware. Employees simply dial into conferencing software to meet and greet colleagues. This technology advancement makes video conferencing possible for smaller companies on a limited budget.

With successful entrepreneurs, such as Carl Freer, communicating each day on various gadgets, the worlds of business and electronics continue to meld and grow. Internal communications are critical, but successful contact with clients is also a challenge fought with technology. The future ahead appears ripe for enhanced communications across nearly all channels, from voice to text messaging.

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