How to Use Sales Acceleration Technology in 2016

1Do you want to close the content loop between sales and marketing? If yes, then you will need to create a solid yet repeatable sales procedure. The CRM platforms are designed to help you organize and manage this whole process better. These platforms promise you the visibility and ability to identify trends while predicting future revenue.

A new tech is emerging to help improve this process even more. Following we are going to introduce you how to use Sales acceleration technology to boost your business.

Close the Loop

Content is the red area of frustration for both marketing and sale team. Marketing work hard for creating engaging content but according to experience, sales rep end up using only a third of the content.

Poor content storage and management practices are not only to blame this. It needs two to tango, but marketers quickly point out that the dual behavior of colleagues is responsible for the loss. Yes, the teams tend to use a version they are familiar with rather than using the current one.

How it Works


Putting Sales enablement software to good use is all about effective content management. The sales acceleration solution comes with a powerful library, which simplifies tasks to create, store, manage and search for while using the content. It is a great repository for content, and it offers a user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities.

The document co-authoring and collaboration feature makes it a lot easy for writers and marketers to work alongside product and subject matter experts. For this, the users just need to install a plug in their program and work on their assignment. As they work, the changes are reconciled and visible to everyone.

The automat zed view and approval workflow helps to make sure that all content related to sales enablement software is compliant and up to date. Just assign a subject matter expert, document viewer and review interval to each document as you save it. As you categorize and tag content, you will allow users to search and filter it to find exactly what they are looking for.

The ability for creating templates, which merge with, specified contact sections and associated program. Doing this will give data and marketing team control over content the sale team is using. All this while the sale reps are given freedom to build their documents just as they need them.

The idea to use cloud software in here is to store the sales and marketing content somewhere secure and discreet. It helps you to get the most out of your content via search integration. In the world where content is king and time is money, sales enablement software gives your business a competitive advantage.

Speeding up the Process

Keep in mind, simple and repeatable sale process are the most powerful. Every business is different. Therefore, the sales process needs to be tweaked and optimize accordingly. However, the basics such as sourcing leads contacting them and qualifying them while building the opportunity, creating a proposal with price, negotiating and closing the deal remains as it is.

When it comes to complex B2B sales environments, the process takes a long time but when everything is manual, it will take even longer.

For instance, the proposal creation stage, it takes a bit of time for developers to put together a proposal.


How Sales Acceleration Technology Helps?

The sales acceleration tech is all about providing your business developers quick and easy access to the latest and accurate proposal content and helps them create personalized proposals. What it means for sale team is they can now generate proposals and presentation to search content at ease. Adding data tags and business rules to template and content section allows the system to tailor document itself.

Quality and Effective Sale Conversation

In the end, the sales enablement software ensures that business comes with a regular flow of new business and to help get that new business as soon as it can. Using technology to ease and speed up the process makes sense, but if the technology itself is not easy to use, then it won't benefit the business a bit.


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