Broadsoft Unveils New Conferencing Enhancements to UC One

broadsoft-connections-2014-small-202As one of BroadConnect's favourite Unified Communication tools of choice, the following is a breakdown of the new additions and updates to BroadSoft's UC-One conferencing application for 2015. These include both group and individual capabilities that improve productivity, and revisions to the user interface. The UC-One app combines video,voice,call logs,business directories, instant messaging and presence on an individual interface, and is suitable for both one-to-one and group communications; regardless of the user's chosen mobile device or type of connectivity.


The new UC-One app additions that enhance group collaboration include updates to ‘My Room', which allows users to meet in virtual chat rooms in order to chat, share files and talk without it being necessary to send intricate, written instructions. ‘My Room' now includes moderator controls and video conferencing, which both guarantee the efficient sharing of information and promote quick decision making. In addition, external visitors can now participate in ‘My Room' via group instant messaging, video and audio conferencing and sharing capabilities.


The new UC-One app additions that enhance individual productivity include ‘iBeacon' integration; the industry's first integration with Apple devices. ‘iBeacon' more accurately identifies an individual's location within the workplace, for example; the conference room.This enables colleagues to choose the most efficient communication option. The new UC-One app also features a new personal assistant feature which integrates a worker's availability with voice calling. This can be controlled fully from within the user's UC-One app; it informs callers if someone is unavailable and gives advice with regard to the best times to contact them.

All of these additional enhancements are able to be accessed via both of BroadSoft's platforms; BroadWorks (software), BroadCloud (cloud services) and through BroadConnect Telecom's Hosted Platform.

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