Benefits of SharePoint Development for Companies

Today more than ever, enterprises and organizations need to enhance their competitiveness. This indirectly means that they will have to promote innovation, enhance productivity and get down the costs.

To bring more productivity and reduce costs, it is important to improve and promote collaboration among the members of an organization as team work directly enhances the productivity and innovation. When it comes to enhance the collaboration, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the dominant platforms in the world of enterprise technology!


SharePoint enables your employees to work together, sharing relevant information and business data in a hassle-free way. Also, a SharePoint server brings content management features, which are helpful in implementing business processes and empower the employees to access required information on the go. This is the reason why more than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies choose SharePoint development services. It has been extensively used by the small as well as big business organizations to operate and manage a wide range of business related requirements efficiently.

Let's have a look at some of its most valuable features of SharePoint:

  • Website Management & Customization: It is very easy for the developers to integrate development tools with the SharePoint platform in order enable users in website management and customization. It lets the users for a wide range of website operations that are supported by SharePoint platform.
  • Document or Data Sharing: It brings out-of-the-box data management capabilities. It brings a wide range of tools that can be used in data management, storage and recovery to deliver customized outlook and other functionalities. It helps users to share documents from the different locations within an organization.
  • Improve Business Intelligence: This is one of the most important features for the decision makers. It helps them retrieve data as well as representations in different formats to ensure smoother business functioning. SharePoint brings the most conceptual view of the data to take more powerful and effective business-related decisions.
  • E-mail exchange server functionality: It enables enterprise to manage all the email traffic through a central point with the help of an email exchange server. Also, they can re-route all emails to individuals or group using a single trigger.
  • Library Building: One of the biggest benefits of this feature is that it simplifies the way of monitoring and tracking development tasks and their status to estimate the team productivity. Moreover, it brings the most reliable and secure collaboration tools and document sharing feature that enables the hassle-free business functioning while increasing profit margins.

Apart from all these major functions, SharePoint brings a gamut of other exciting features that will help you streamline your entire business process on the go. However, still many people doubt the capabilities of SharePoint. To make their doubts clear, let's take a look at the benefit SharePoint development brings to the enterprises:

  • Effectively maintain control of the platform. With the help of the Central Administration Console, managers can easily access the application management features, system settings, perform backups & restorations and more.
  • SharePoint facilitates better communication between the participants or team members, giving them a unified platform for discussion.
  • Let the teams leverage from a unique set of tools required to get their job done. Using SharePoint, you can keep the features as they come or the development team has the capability to develop custom applications and components on the go. This will enable the entire team to access the desired tools needed to perform their tasks.
  • Let the team members easily stay informed and associated with the throughout the project's lifecycle.
  • Include all the websites under a unified platform while reducing the overall costs associated with each other. Moreover, SharePoint also works smoothly with all the technologies your organization is already using like MS Office, MS Unified Communications and MS Exchange Server.
  • Let the key decision makers handle the business intelligence within an organization.
  • Let the enterprises leverage from security at both a broad and single item level. SharePoint 2013 enables enterprises to protect the integrity of data from unauthorized use.
  • Ease of creating a project dashboard with the help of the server, where on one page you can view and make common project elements like project documents, tasks, different project details, calendar, lessons, risks and more.

While it’s becoming difficult and time consuming process to create and maintain websites, SharePoint lets you create websites for use within your company's intranet as per your needs & deeds. What's your stand on this? Share your views in the comments…!

This article has been published by Jagruti Patel who is working with Cygnet Infotech - an IT services providing company. She keeps a watch on latest technology and industrial trends and loves to write and share about Microsoft technologies.

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