Why Employees Should Know Excel?

Most anyone who has utilized a computer equipped with Microsoft Office has at least some familiarity with the program's spreadsheet application Excel. However, while many people have a basic understanding of Excel software, the full capabilities and usefulness of this application, particularly for businesses, is often overlooked. By understanding all that Excel has to offer, it becomes obvious that learning the particulars of the program can make you an in-demand commodity in the workforce.

Excel's Features

Excel offers a plethora of features beyond what many people use in everyday life, many of which are invaluable to a business. Below are just a few of those useful features:

  • Easy Calculations - Excel is probably most well known for its ability to fact check numbers, which can help a business with anything from payroll to sales. From basic accounting to tracking profits, the calculation features available through Excel are invaluable for a business. Moreover, while many businesses use Excel for their calculations, another cool feature is the ability to utilize data visualizations to illustrate that numerical data.
  • Accessible Data - Excel also serves as a great database for information. Whether for keeping track of employees' schedules or all of your customer data, Excel is a useful program for storing information that can easily be changed and manipulated for different purposes.
  • Templates Galore - With Excel, there is no need for a graphic designer to create the various business documents you. Everything from invoices to fliers, business cards to timesheets can be easily created without having to start from scratch, simply by accessing the templates available under Excel's "File" tab under the "New" option.
  • Save Time with Shortcuts - Beyond the normal timesaving capabilities available to business that use Excel, there are various shortcuts that can be utilized to make the program even quicker and easier to use. For one, it is useful to familiarize oneself with the various keyboard shortcuts to complete Excel tasks with minimal keystrokes. Macros are another way to save time with Excel. These are small scripts that automate repetitive tasks. By simply activating macros in Excel's Trust Center, frequently-performed functions become even easier.

Learning the Intricacies of Excel

Knowing the ins-and-outs of Excel definitely has its advantages, so it may be worthwhile to learn more than just the basics of the program. It can be worth checking with your employer for to see if they offer any Excel training, or if not, if they would be interested in holding a training session. If getting additional Excel training through your current employment isn't possible, have no fear—there are numerous Excel trainings available anywhere from a local community college to online training sessions. Even the Microsoft website itself offers numerous tutorials and videos to help with learning anything from basic to more advanced Excel features.

Importance of Excelling at Excel

There are nearly a limitless number of jobs out there for which some knowledge of Excel will be beneficial. In fact, there is virtually no job application you might apply to for which "knowledge of Excel" on the resume won't get you a leg up on the competition. Because Excel's power ranges from simple data entry to complex computations, someone who is skilled may be working as anything from an office manager to an investment banker. Therefore, if you keep up-to-date with Excel and understand the many uses of the program, your services are sure to be in-demand and your monetary compensation relegated accordingly.

Without doubt, it is worthwhile to learn more than the daily basics of Excel. Become an expert at the newest Excel program by enrolling in an Office 365 training course and watch the demand for your services soar.

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