Advantages of software deployment tools for IT admins

Think of all the tasks that take place during software deployment. From updating applications to coordinating releases, these time-consuming tasks can create interruptions and delays in the workplace. Automated software deployment completes these tasks without the risk of human error. Let’s look at the benefits of software deployment automation.

Increase Productivity

Your development team should be focusing on business goals, not repetitive deployment tasks. Automated software deployment tools can complete these tasks while your IT administrators devote valuable time to important projects. Why should your highly skilled talent spend hours on scheduling releases when they could be working on service improvements?

Automated deployment saves time by carrying out tasks such as:

• Backup and recovery

• Install updates

• Schedule maintenance tasks

• Verify components

• Confirm deployment

Improve Efficiency

Manual deployment can require hours of training and often turns into a day-long project. The result is frustrating downtime for your organization. We all know that time is money, and efficiency is one of automation’s many advantages. Software deployment can take place in seconds, during off-hours if necessary. Repetitive but vital deployment tasks take place without interrupting your team’s workflow.

Anyone with Permissions Can Deploy

Automated deployment tools make it possible for any member of your team to deploy software. Manual deployment requires dependence on an individual administrator or a small team of specialists. But what happens if that team is unavailable during a critical release? From preconfigured installation packages to customized distribution options, automated deployment can be completed without specialized knowledge.

Reduce Errors

Manual deployment involves many steps, from verifying components to confirming deployment. Every step brings opportunities for mistakes. Automated deployment takes human error out of the equation. With preconfigured settings, you can depend on the deployment process to be the same every time. You don’t have to worry about missed steps, incorrect software shipments and other errors.

Enhanced Security

One of the greatest advantages in software technology automation is enhanced security. Unwanted or malicious software is a constant risk for businesses these days. Remote monitoring and management software can send you alerts on suspicious installations and detect and remove unwanted apps from all your workstations. Automated deployment can also give you peace of mind as it configures and manages permissions sets for sensitive tasks.

Productivity, efficiency and security are priorities for any business. Automated software deployment performs essential tasks, allowing your organization to run smoothly and securely.

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