Safety Measures in the Engineering Industries

safetyofficerIn most of the engineering companies, one of the prime needs that are to be considered is the safety of the employees. Not just in the engineering firms, this forms the prime necessity in all the organizations, regardless of the industry it belongs to.

Fires can cause significant damage to the workplace. In case it is not that bad, there are minor injuries and destruction of a few documents or machines and in case it is a major one, it is capacitated to cause significant injuries and huge losses.

Safety in engineering or industrial firms chiefly refers to the activities that cause the reduction, control as well as the elimination of the hazardous conditions in workplaces that may threaten life as well as property.

Prevention of Fires in Engineering Firms

Explosions and fires kill as well as injure a number of employees and damage properties worth billions of dollars every year. It is necessary to train the employees, purchase state of the art fire protection systems for the new buildings and use adequate fire suppression systems in the older buildings.

Here are a few steps that must be observed for prevention of fire.

  • Implement a program including prevention, preparation as well as recognition of the fire hazards
  • Undertake proper handling of the flammable and the combustible materials
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and other fire suppressant systems handy
  • Opt for safe housekeeping practices
  • Ensure the employees know their responsibility and can report danger if such a need arises
  • Make sure cooking food is not left unattended
  • Include no smoking signs in the right locations
  • Make sure the smoking area is far away from the flammable materials

Remember that most of the industrial fire investigation experts have pointed out that human negligence plays a significant role in causing as well as spreading fires. Make sure that the requisite steps are taken to prevent such fires.

Chemical Safety Measures

Each chemical has a set of hazards attached and must be handled properly to ensure safety. However, the laboratories that are handling a wide variety of chemicals must follow a few protocols to bring down the likelihood of improper management.

Here are a few measures that can be adopted to ensure chemical safety.

  1. Ensure Adequate Air Flow

The air quality cannot be compromised. Make sure that the room is perfectly ventilated.

  1. Handle Spilled Chemicals

Chemicals may be spilled occasionally. It's significant to be aware of the best ways to handle the chemicals. The response plan must address

  • Containment procedures
  • Spill prevention strategy
  • Proper ventilation
  • Reporting needs
  1. Identify the Hazardous Chemicals

Remember that the hazardous and the toxic chemicals must be identified. All the chemicals must be labeled. Appropriate labeling of chemicals makes identification simple as well as easy.

  1. Adopt Proper Handling Precautions

At times, the chemicals may be required to be transported to a far off destination. Proper handling measures must be observed in the transport of chemicals.

  1. Ensure Proper Neutralization

Waste products and the disposals need to be discharged with proper neutralization. In case the material that is to be disposed of is toxic, keep it in a container while you send it for disposal.

Safety Concerns in Construction Industry

The construction industry is quite complex and large and its rapid growth has led to several failings in the form of the safety and the health of the construction workers.

Accidents taking place at the construction sites are also caused by the lack of proper communication between different departments as well as lack of inspections. Adoption of proper safety measures is key in the construction industry.

Here are a few safety precautions that must be observed.

  • Review of the safety procedures, safety audits and safety performance monitoring should be a part of the research agenda of all construction companies
  • Training courses must be organized for the unskilled workers
  • Quality materials should be used in the construction to prevent the collapse of buildings
  • Extensive alarm systems must be installed in the construction sites so that all the workers can be notified if such a need arises.

Safety is a significant part of both the engineering as well as the non-engineering industries. Regardless of the industry you are in, make sure that you adopt appropriate safety measures.


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