When Spending Less & Saving More Doesn’t Work in Vancouver

fewgtWhen Ivanka isn’t meeting the Pope while touring the world with her POTUS father or tweeting about champagne popsicles to celebrate Memorial Day, she’s handing out life lessons about finances. Unsurprisingly, the advice she offers isn’t really constructive for the average person in Vancouver struggling to make ends meet. Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world isn’t cheap, and real estate prices aren’t exactly affordably either.

Ivanka was recently featured in Bobbi Rebell’s financial book How to be a Financial Grownup. The TV personality and personal finance columnist calls upon Ivanka, along with a variety of rich A-listers, to share the financial lessons that helped her achieve her extreme levels of success. With no mention of her wealthy upbringing as an advantage, Ivanka advises readers be, “judicious when deciding where and how to spend your money. I appreciate a splurge as much as anyone else, but I tend to be prudent more often than not. My financial philosophy is invest wisely and splurge selectively.”

Which is basically a fancy way of saying she spends less in order to save more. Hardly earth shattering advice, it’s a lesson we all know in theory, but it’s a lot harder to put to use when most of your cash is tied up with paying for life in Vancouver. For those of us who don’t have a multi-million dollar empire behind us, there is no splurging to be selective about: all of our money is going towards things like rent, utilities, and groceries. Also unlike Ivanka, there isn’t a limitless pool of money to work with.

These circumstances leave you wholly unprepared for when emergencies happen and you need to pay for unexpected bills and repairs in addition to your regular responsibilities. In which case, you need to rely on a personal loan to help you cover these new expenses. Though small with short repayment terms, payday loans Vancouver residents use are a practical alternative to traditional loans from banks.

While secured personal loans are better suited for larger purchases like a home or car, a payday loan is ideal for small emergencies, like when you’re less than $500 short of paying off these surprise bills.However, anyone who lives there will tell you how expensive it is, and that the need to borrow occasion small sums of money do arise. Thankfully, you can get a payday loanin as little as one hour after you’re approved.Should you need help to pay off a bill with a looming due date, this fast timeline can help you avoid late fees and accrued interest. By borrowing at a controlled rate, you can avoid high-interest charges.

Make a smart decision the next time you face down a cash flow shortage. Though Ivanka Trump’s more coherent than her father’s tweets about covfefe, she isn’t necessarily a source of useful financial advice. Rather than put your trust inher, search out a responsible lender of low-value loans. If you choose wisely, they can provide the perfect stopgap between your income and newest responsibilities. This advice is especially important when considering large decisions, but it’s the everyday choices that really ad up.

For many of us, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of summer. The sun is finally out, and in Vancouver it finally stops raining seemingly everyday. However, besides the annual Christmas shopping spree, many of spend a lot during the summer. A light get together with friends turns into a late night out, that piece of camping gear you always wanted is finally on sale. There are a lot of opportunities to spend too much during the summer months, and this is something to keep in mind as well. Try to avoid getting caught up in the moment, and don’t be afraid to say no to plans that you know will drastically affect your financial plans. Enjoy your summer wisely!

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