Why Every Investor Needs Stock Software In Their Toolkit

In the fiscal world today, online trading is the preferred mode of transactions for investors and traders in the fiscal market.

It is easier than traditional trading methods, and it costs less. Also, investors can now have access to the direct market and make fully informed decisions with the help of news, resources, charts, and artificial intelligence.

Stock Trading Software are computer programs that were created for this purpose. They can be used to place orders and analyze and monitor market trends.

These software have some key features such as automated trading and fundamental analysis, that makes them useful for investors. Sometimes, they also feature real-time market prices and trends in the fiscal market which is good information that traders need to be able to make informed decisions.

What is a Stock Trading Software?

Stock Trading Software is a computer software program that investors can use to analyze and trade financial products with a financial intermediary over a network. These financial products could be in the form of stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, bonds, or options.

A financial intermediary is an institution that serves as a middleman between two parties that are involved in a financial transaction. Financial intermediaries can be investment banks, mutual funds and commercial banks.

Stock trading software can be of two different types, namely the commercial and proprietary trading platforms.

Commercial platforms

Commercial platforms are useful for retail investors who just need financial products to invest in. these platforms come with educative and research features, such as charts and news feed that help users to make more informed decisions.

Proprietary or prop platforms

Proprietary platforms were designed to be used by large brokerages that control its technology and features. These software platforms are designed to suit the specific demands of the owners. These brokerages then offer these platforms to investors for use to trade with their financial products.

Also, users can now use APIs to sync their accounts on two different software and devices. This helps them to integrate their transactions and monitor their accounts from the same site.

How Does Stock Trading Software Work?

A stock trading software allows users to place orders and monitor their trades through their preferred financial intermediaries. They allow traders to carry out their trades with the use of self-directed trading accounts.

These accounts have all the essential features that investors require to carry out all their trades. Some of these features are chat rooms, programmatic trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and paper trades.

Depending on the available features, trading software usually come with fees attached. Some have a tiered pricing format, where users can pay lesser fees for lesser features and unlock more features as they pay more money.

Also, traders can use third-party charting services to improve the available features of their trading software platform. This can be made possible by the usage of APIs.

Benefits Of Stock Trading Software For Investors

Investors stand to gain some benefits from trading software should they decide to include it in their toolkit. These benefits come in the form of some unique features that the software offers for users.

Some of these unique features are:

Trade Placement

With stock trading software, users can place orders such as limit orders and market orders. These software also have the ability to show real-time quotes and Level 2 quotes to their users.

Some software also allow users to track trading statistics and monitor how their closed trades are faring.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis refers to a method of determining the value of a security by assessing constantly changing microeconomic and macroeconomic factors.

Some trading software provides access to fundamental information with which investors can determine the correct price of an investment, and make financially informed decisions.

Automated Trading

Some software come equipped with assistant artificial intelligence tools. Users can program their software to automatically carry out trades without the need for them to manually click buttons to carry out these trades.

This feature allows users to carry out their transactions more efficiently and to spend their time monitoring and analyzing trade options instead.

Paper Trades

Stock trading software sometimes let users carry out paper trades. With this feature, users can perform transactions with no real money. This can be some form of test run that new users can carry out to learn how the software works. This way, they can practice trading without losing any money.

Access To News And Informative Resources

Stock trading software show useful information and statistics that investors need to make informed financial decisions. These resources could be in the form of maps, charts, real-time market trends or news feeds.

Also, some trading software have chat rooms where users can interact with one another.


In the bid to make beneficial financial decisions, investors and traders have moved from the traditional mode of trading to trading online.

Online trading offers various benefits, such as reduced brokerage costs and instant access to data and statistics that allow them to trade better.

Stock trading software are platforms that allow users to fully harness the benefits of online trading. They come with features such as technical analysis indicators and automated trading that allows user make more financially informed decisions.

With the aid of these software, investors can now carry out their grades with confidence and experience minimal losses in their transactions.


  • Do I have to pay to use stock trading software?

Usually, stock trading software and applications come with a fee attached to their usage. So yes, you might have to pay a price to use the software. You can compare the prices of various software and their features to determine which one best suits you.

  • Can I use the software on my phone?

Yes, you can use stock trading software on all your devices. Some of them come in the form of downloadable applications while others have a website you can visit to access the software. The downloadable applications might only be available for some phone types, but you should find one that is compatible with your device.

  • Where can I get trading software?

Trading software can be found as downloadable applications for your iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and Android devices. You can visit the app store on your device to find downloadable versions. Some others have websites that can be launched from any of your devices. You can check resources on the internet for more details.

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