What is Voluntary Health Insurance and Health Care?

WOMENVoluntary health insurance without additional payments is a pretty common thing nowadays, but small amount of companies has decided to insure their employees with this additional type of insurance. One of the reasons is that management of companies doesn't see any benefits from this type of insurance, and the other reason was that until recently the companies had to pay additional taxes for this type of insurance. Luckily there are solutions for both of these reasons.

Benefit for companies using voluntary health insurance for their employees

Paying for all types of insurance represents an expense for companies, and this cost should be calculated in a yearly plan. That's why voluntary health insurance is also an expense for the company, but is it really an expense or an investment?

Voluntary health insurance as an investment in employees

Paying for voluntary health insurance for employees is one of the best long term investments for a company. The difference between voluntary and regular insurance is that voluntary insurance has more positive characteristics, and these characteristics will improve the efficiency of a company:

  • Company's reputation is being increased - there aren't many companies that take care about their employeeS
  • You are reducing the leaving of key players - the big problem is the leaving of key employees in your company
  • Time spent absent from work due to illness is reduced - if something can be burden for company's it is absence of employees from work due to illness
  • It leads to better productivity of employees - smaller health problems are solved, not just the bigger ones
  • Medical exams are scheduled after work time - it is not necessary for employees to be absent from work in order to go for a medical exam
  • Working atmosphere is better - when everyone is healthy, and when health problems are dealt fast, the atmosphere at work is better
  • What do employees get from voluntary health insurance?

Voluntary health insurance covers most of the health care costs. This means that the employee can choose whether it will go and visit it's chosen private doctor at state clinic or at the private clinic.

Where would you rather go? If your answer is private clinic, then you should check below, where we have also talked about additional private health insurance. But be careful, in order to apply for both, voluntary and private health insurance you need to get your debts in order, because health insurance plans can cause additional debt. Many people try and use professional services for debt planning, such as national debt relief or freedom debt relief. These companies can help you manage your debt even if you decide on purchasing both insurance types.

Voluntary health insurance is the future

Considering that public health care system is taking hard hits, the conclusion comes up that voluntary health care is the future.

Private health insurance combined with voluntary health insurance

Private health insurance covers the service of specialist doctor and of medical laboratory, and it allows the person with private health insurance to use that service whenever, or immediately. By calling a call center, you are booking an appointment with your doctor or lab technician. After the exam, the patient doesn't have to pay anything, because everything from then on is covered by its private health care.

What is a functional health insurance?

Health insurance is functional only if it can provide service when it is most important. The advantages of private health insurance are:

– it is independent from your work position and company
– it allows for immediate care
– the care is provided in high class clinics and hospitals
– the health institution is directly interested in providing a good service
– client exactly know how much and on what is his insurance spent on

What is covered by a private health insurance?

Private health insurance is something like a prepaid service at the mobile provider. The amount it covers is arranged upfront, and the client can spend the money up to that limit.

The sum can go from $1000 and up to $1 000 000.

Private health insurance can cover only clinic health care, or it can cover both clinic health care and hospital care. Clinic care offers the services that could be used in polyclinics (doctor appointments and exams, laboratory, ultra sound and more). Next to these services you can also include special cover for dentist, physical therapy or systematic exams.

Who can purchase and arrange private health insurance?

Private health insurance can be purchased by anyone. Of course, depending on your health condition, the price will vary. The price is also influenced by your gender and age. If you decide to purchase a family package for this type of insurance, there are family discounts, that could really pay off.

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