Top 10 Jobs in India that Pay the Most

job-1344744_960_720While looking for a job, most of us have our eyes set on the highest paying ones. The dream to be Richie Rich and get a high paying job is common to most. So, do you want to know of some of the highest paying jobs in India? Take a look now.

  1. Management Professional

It is a great opportunity to be the boss. The managers enjoy the highest paid positions in the organization. Being in a managerial position does not just allow you an opportunity to supervise the low-level employees but apart from that, it offers several other perks as well.

To be a management professional, you need to come with a degree in business management. Your pay package will depend on your area of specialization. Focus and passion are essential regardless of the field you would like to join and if it is being a management professional, the case is more so. You would be like the maestro who walks up the podium and raises the baton and then all the musicians would be responding in unison. This is the ideal image of the management. However, things are not that smooth. You need to have the capacity to manage your team, motivate the workforce and distribute the work depending upon the capacity of each. A manager has several roles to play. If you can get your management degree from a reputed institute, well, even the sky will not be your limit.

  1. Software Engineer

Though the software engineers are often envisioned as geeks who lack the social skills, these individuals are the ones who come with qualities like

  • Vision
  • Attention to details
  • Business acumen

All these qualities are crucial to the success of business houses.

The success of business depends on an array of factors, some of them being accuracy in analysis, future vision and choosing the right technology. It is hard to manage things in the absence of the IT professionals. Though this industry has faced a few setbacks in the last few years, the industry is still dependent on software and computer.

  1. Investment Banker

The career of the investment banker revolves around raising debt and equity for the companies and can be one of the best options for you if you have recently graduated from university or come with a few years experience. Though the competition for this position can at times be quite ferocious and you may be required to spend long hours at the office, this can be an extremely lucrative option if you are looking for a high paying job.

There are several banks that refer to the investment banker with different names or come with different levels of hierarchy.

Let me tell you, the investment banking jobs are available with different types of organizations. It can be the bigger commercial banks as well as the smaller boutique investment banks. You can get options with the asset management companies like the private equity firms and the venture capital firms as well.

There are several programs that can prepare you for an opportunity in investment banking. Some of the most common majors include finance and accounting. Usually a bachelor’s degree is considered sufficient but at times, a master’s degree in finance or business administration may also be essential.

  1. Chartered Accountant

The task of the Chartered Accountants lies in keeping track of the financial affairs of business, both big as well as small. Some businesses tend to hire the CAs for auditing too. You need to toil for years to be a Chartered Accountant but as soon as you get the degree, you can start earning a hefty amount. You can choose to be employed with an organization or can start practicing on your own as well. You can choose to join the Public Sector, Private Sector as well as Government Service, thereby opening up an array of career opportunities for you. If you want to earn big as a Chartered Accountant but at the same time, do not intend to spend your time only on the excel sheets, you can contribute towards the enhancement of profits as well as decision making in the organization as well. You can work on it at your own pace as well as time and get the opportunity to control the money flow as well.

Your salary as a Chartered Accountant will depend on the size of the organization as well as the industry you are getting employed in.

  1. Medical Professional

The students in India are quite interested in doing the jobs that pay well. Not just in India, students around the world are interested in making a career in the professions that pay well. Apart from the financial security that remains guaranteed with this job, the mental satisfaction remains high if you make a career in this profession. Moreover, you can also earn respect from your peers as well as the society. Saving lives are certainly rewarding though the responsibilities that come with this profession is somewhat stressful.

The medical professionals earn quite well in India. India has got a huge population and with such a population, comes in an array of health concerns. The number of doctors available in every 1000 patients is also significantly low. You will get a steady flow of patients both in the rural and the urban areas in India.

  1. Aviation Personnel

The airline industry has seen a boost recently with the demand for qualified pilots, stewards, air hostesses and ground staffs on the rise. The job of the commercial pilots is one of the highest paid ones. Being a pilot is a dream that we all have as kids and this career is quite rewarding financially. The job of cabin crew, hostess/steward, airport manager is also quite rewarding.

  1. Legal Professional

The entry of several law firms has helped recruitment of the law graduates reach a new high. The law firms do not just take up litigation but it also helps the clients with the acquisitions, mergers, audits and a wide range of other jobs. These firms recruit the top brains from the National Law School in the campus recruitment drives. You can earn a handsome package by joining these organizations. There are opportunities with the MNCs as well but in that case, you need to know corporate law.

There are three categories of Universities where you can study law.

  • The government colleges where you can get admission on the basis of your board examination marks.
  • The private law colleges where selection depends on the marks obtained in the board exam
  • The National law schools that depend on your CLAT
  1. Sportsmen

Being a sportsman can also help you earn big. Apart from showering money, this field showers a lot of glamor as well. If you love to play and intend to make it big in this field, several opportunities are waiting for you. Good performance earns the spotlight for you and helps you get endorsements as well as recognition.

  1. Entertainment Professionals

Just like sports, this is also quite a promising field and is not in need of any additional qualification apart from talent. All of you know how well paid the actors in India are and even if you do not consider the pay, you certainly cannot afford to ignore the spotlight that this profession secures.

If you love acting, you can also earn through advertisements, stage performances as well as brand endorsements.

Apart from acting, you can work as a video jockey, radio jockey, anchor and art director.

  1. Government Employee

There are several government jobs too that pay really well. If you want a job that is secure, high paying as well as glamorous, you can consider Civil Services. Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service involve only the best minds of the nation and thus, it is crucial to toil hard to join this field. But once you join the IAS, IPS or IFS, you can enjoy an extremely rewarding career.

The above-discussed are some of the top paying jobs in India. However, this list is not comprehensive. There are several other high paying jobs. You can earn big as a graphic designer, fashion designer, model or lecturer. Do you know what is the most significant quality you need to develop? Passion. Learn properly and be passionate. This is the best way to get a promising and high paying job.

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