7 Ways How SharePoint Implementation Can Benefit Your Business

Microsoft SharePoint turns out to be a useful business tool. It allows you to manage documents and communicate with others in order to improve workforce collaboration. Integrating SharePoint in your business management will truly benefit your organization.

In Microsoft’s own words, it’s described as a platform to “share work, organize projects and teams, discover people and information, build apps and websites, and manage risk”.

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SharePoint development services will help boost productivity, communication, and collaboration. In nutshell, Microsoft SharePoint is viewed as a centralized online location for your business which perfectly fits into your business process.

Here are a few ways how Microsoft SharePoint implementation can benefit your business-

  1. Enhanced productivity– Improvement in organizational efficiency is the most important benefit of implementing SharePoint. A survey conducted by Brother International Corporation has found “Every full-time employee throws away one week annually searching for misplaced documents, amounting to an $89 billion loss for businesses.” With SharePoint, streamlining daily processes and providing easy access to common tools is easier and quicker, which leads to enhanced productivity. The robot taxonomy feature of SharePoint lets the businesses to classify and organize files in numerous ways. And, it’s powerful search capabilities makes work even easier.
  1. Improved internal communication transparency– A review of top-level CEOs by Deloitte and Touche Human Capital found “95 percent of respondents cite effective internal communication as a top factor for success. Yet only 22 percent believe important information is successfully shared with employees.” Incorporating Microsoft SharePoint with the help of a SharePoint Development Company will help bridge the communication gap by providing an interactive platform. The platform provides shared calendars, email alerts, announcements, company newsletters etc. as well as upcoming events and quick links to common applications.
  1. Fully customizable solution– SharePoint is a fully customizable system that help meet every business’ needs. Professional SharePoint development services allow you to produce custom forms that employees can complete offline, online or via the internal email system which serves as a very useful purpose in your overall business process. Moreover, the captivating visuals can be leveraged that will further help in reflecting the organization’s branding and style standards.
  1. Building business intelligence– There is a vast difference between passively collecting data and actively utilizing the information to steer the direction of your business. With its in-depth collection tools, richly interactive data sorting capabilities and visually engaging display options, SharePoint has the potential to provide breakthrough insights that take your company to the next level. Best of all, every employee has access to these valuable statistics so that they have a concrete guide while developing informed goals and crafting strategic objectives that are the most likely to succeed.
  1. Effective collaboration– In today’s technologically advanced world, the key to work faster and more efficiently is to accomplish collaboration efficiently. When your teams work from different locations or are sometimes out in the field or client location, communication mismatch can occur. Also, it can lose efficiency and you can miss out on creative ideas. An expert SharePoint development company will ensure workforce collaboration so that you do not miss on any important opportunity. The tools allow assessing of documents, editing and sharing online with multiple users. The staff can work together and communicate better and get the work done rightly.
  1. Connecting externally- engaged communities, customers- The use of SharePoint is not just limited to internal communication. You can communicate with other engaged communities and customers by integrating SharePoint into your external web-based applications. It allows you to quickly publish blogs, build websites, craft wikis and distribute email messages. The platform provides password-protected portals to your clients and other communities that enable them to submit service requests, access PDF files, create chat sessions with employees that allow you to communicate with them at a more personal level. Establishing this type of communication with your customers is generally appreciated by them and help in trust building.
  1. Productivity boost– Microsoft SharePoint is a productivity-boosting tool which when incorporated in the business process allows you to serve your customers in a much better way. Also, it allows you establish a common communication channel and can help improve how your staff members work, provides access to all types of information which means productivity is a natural outcome. Your employees can save time and maintain focus easily through the site, resulting in them achieving more each day.

SharePoint development services make it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint, a business can set up websites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help the team members make better decisions. The work together feature of the platform helps your company quickly respond to changing business needs. Using SharePoint, the staff can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs, and find the right business information to make better decisions. And, for the Information Technology industry, SharePoint comes as a boon. It helps you cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort and allows you to focus on higher business priorities.

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