Author: kakoli


Time Travel is Possible

Modern astronauts, as we know, are already doing so. However, they travel so far only in the future. And for a split second. But who knows – maybe one day we will be able to fly for years or even centuries ahead or, alternatively, pull over forelock of our five-year […]

Mobile devices

Mysterious Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

An inexpensive by the standards of the Samsung 4 G-smartphone, which has managed to be on sale in stores, is quite serious with some completely left features such as Android 4.2. So while all the information (except the price) is announcing a purely provisional. In the market appeared Smartphone mysterious […]


How to Burn Fat Calories?

If you are overweight, the blame usually goes to fat calories. That’s what makes you fat and ultimately unattractive. It is true that your body stores all the fat because of eating habits, genetic issues and many other reasons, but eventually fat calories guilty. Before we focus on how to burn fat […]