How Become More Attractive – for Women

attractiveIn most cases, a woman wants to feel attractive to men in the hope of finding the man who is going to love her and take care of her. If you are in this category and you feel like you are not getting it, you are not alone. You may think you’re just not pretty enough. Being attractive to men is much more than having a pretty face. Apparently, men are looking for something else.
To test this theory, we did a quick survey, online and personal interviews, asking several men and young men what they considered attractive in women. Here are the six main features that have been mentioned by almost all who were surveyed. These attributes are what the respondents found attractive in women:

  1. Safe from self

She knows who she is. He does not need anyone to define it. She is happy to be herself. It has values and norms and is not afraid to defend them. Do not let yourself be carried away by any cultural change. She is with her feet on the ground and knows what she represents and does not apologize for it to anyone. He has a strong faith in God. He is not arrogant, simply silent remains true to his beliefs and allows others to do the same. She is more concerned for others, including her boy friend, than for herself. A man, who describes the woman he married, said: His moral values convinced me. Having confidence in who you are and preserving your values you can have the freedom to take care of others.

  1. Do not be afraid to try new things

She is ready to embark on an adventure and is fun to be with. Not afraid to try new things go to new places or try exotic food. Do not hesitate to learn new things that we found a bit challenging and interesting. Yes, men enjoy being with women willing to try new adventures.

  1. Feminine and elegant

She is not obsessed with her appearance. He arranges to look good. When I’m with her I feel like a real man. She has no need to behave like a man, although she is strong and very capable. His femininity complements my masculinity. She can be adorable in heels and equally charming in sportswear the next day. You can wear a dress or skirt as comfortable as when wearing jeans. He does not use vulgar vocabulary. He knows how to smile and does it often. She simply knows how to be a lady.

  1. Smart

She has been intellectually prepared she is educated, but she is not wise. We really enjoy it when we can talk freely about what is going on in the world and we are both interested in the conversation. Not that she has to know everything; but wants to learn. That is attractive.

  1. Red lips

Even if you do not have the mouth of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba, do not hide it, it is a fundamental part of your face when it comes to seduction. A recent study from the University of Manchester revealed that of the first 10 seconds a man uses to look at a woman when he meets her, more than half use them to look at her mouth. That average goes up to 7.3 seconds if the lips are painted red.

  1. Hydrate and smooth skin

Having a tan skin tone is no more attractive than the fact that the skin looks hydrated, fresh and juicy. The soft touch is much more appealing than the color to seduce, so it will be useful to worry about moisturizing, exfoliate and keep your skin hydrated.

  1. What’s that smell when you smell?

Pleasing perfumes are more seductive, but they are not too intense. It is advisable to choose an aroma according to your personality, but the idea is to give off the aroma in the short proximity, when they are close to you and not to impregnate the entire room with the smell of your perfume.

  1. A natural looking hair

When it comes to fixing your hair, it is enough to say that the shine and the cleaning are fundamental, but also it is that its appearance has a natural and even sporty air. The wet-looking looks, the seemingly neglected and the irregular cuts are more suggestive than the straight and even cuts or bangs. As for the color, the wicks of natural appearance usually like more than uninformed the hair with a smooth color, be it red, black or blond platinum.

  1. The body toned

The women who tend to be more attractive are not the thinnest, but those who have toned and curved bodies in places where there must be curves. The bodies that give a feeling of abandonment are not usually noticed, but those that take advantage of the day today to work the firmness. For this, it is not mandatory to go to the gym to get it, it would be enough issues such as walking at a good pace at least half an hour a day (but you cannot fail even one day!), Stretch your body with a few simple exercises every morning and Often practice those physical activities that have fun: dance, practice some sport, enjoy nature with long walks…

  1. With the correct posture

The way you walk, sit, move and gesticulate says a lot about you. It is not very seductive to see a woman walking hunched over, her arms sticking or stuck to her body or her chin too far up. Maturity is not at odds with elegance, and those people who walk with confidence, straight, with firm steps but not too long and watching in their wake are particularly attractive. When sitting, a position that is too relaxed or abandoned on a chair or sofa is much less pleasant than that of a person who sits slowly, taking care of the posture but also avoiding overcoming.


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