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Proven Mobile App Design Tips for 2020

With the wide adoption of mobile apps in today’s tech-driven world, our lives have become confined to mobile applications. Whether it is booking flight tickets, watching movies, paying electricity bills, doing mobile recharges, ordering food, booking a cab, or transferring money is all dependent on mobile applications. And the fact […]

Data security

7 Security Tips for your First Enterprise App

Most companies are gradually embracing the idea of the enterprise app development, not only is it now very popular it also comes with so many benefits. An enterprise app increases employee commitment and also increases productivity. However, some companies still run away from app development due to the risks associated […]


6 Tips for Proper Application Monitoring

In today’s digital age, practically all businesses rely on at least one computer application to ensure smooth operations. It is important not only for the application to perform as it should, but to do so at all times; any issues encountered with said application has to be addressed immediately, or […]