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Do You Spy on Your Employees?

Do you spy on your employees? Software that allows employers to monitor employee computer and browser activity has been around for awhile, and company email tracking should be expected by all employees in the digital age. But a new breed of solutions has taken employee tracking to a new level […]

Society & Culture

The Worst College Hazing Incidents

People across Florida and the nation are watching the marching band at Florida A&M University. The group was recently taken off of suspension following the November 2011 death of one of its members during a hazing ritual. Robert Champion was a 26-year-old drum major who was beaten to death by […]

Health Nutrition

What to Know about Detox Diets

Those interested in shedding a couple pounds while getting healthy in the process are often attracted to the "quick and easy" programs offered by the various detox diets and cleanses on the market. After all, there are many options to choose from, many of them claiming to do everything from […]