What Is an Anchor Text?

Anchor text can, in simple terms, be defined as clickable text in a hyperlink. About SEO, an anchor text can be the page you are referring to rather than the simple text. According to the web standards, the most common anchor text that we come across is the blue, underlined text. The color of this text can be easily changed with the help of the HTML code. The keywords that you find in these underlined texts are the ones generally used by search engines as signals to decide the topics of their web pages.

Other names for anchor text link label or link title. These underlined texts will help in the ranking of the page through search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. There are many links on the internet that are without anchor texts. These links are most commonly known as naked URLs or URL anchor texts. However, this is another fact that anchor links will be displayed differently in different browsers. If the search engine is using these anchor texts properly, then it will benefit them in the ranking of those keywords in the search engines.

Types Of Anchors

You should place-unique anchors. There is a high chance that an identical fuse with that anchor and lowers the significance of this anchor on the whole. All you need to do is try to overcome it as best as you can.

The following are the types of anchors that you come across:

  • Exact Match Anchors:

This is a type of anchor that can be categorized by distinct search requests without the usage of any additional words being placed in the text.

  • Partial Match Anchors:

Besides these direct search requests, these types of anchors come to some kind of additional text.

When you are thinking about the optimization of your web, do not only go with the one which is most common even if it is in your common interest. Bring in variety. To make more variable, just break your search request with synonyms or epithets.

  • Neutral Anchors:

Such types of anchors are also called generic anchor texts. They may be words such as “click here”, “read more”, etc. or can encompass the domain name such as,,, etc. linking to the respective sites.

Where Should You Include Anchor Links?

Now that you have established fully what is meant by anchor links then now it is for you to understand that at any place the text of the link is not suitable. When you have missed the opportunity, all you need to do is add a simple link to your web resource.

The following are the places where you can use your anchor links:

  • Site Catalog
  • Blog comments
  • Link exchange

Where To Choose Anchor Links?

There are several approaches to be used for the formation of anchor links. Most popular amongst these are:

  • Automatic link building
  • Formation of an independent anchor or copyright ordering
  • Creation of anchor that is replicated based on search requests from the web pages which are relevant to your topic.

The information mentioned above regarding anchor links can be really helpful for you if you are starting your website, blogs, etc. if you have fully grasped the idea of anchor links, then you are good to start your new venture on the internet.

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