The Blue Screen of Death-BSOD in Windows 8

Although not seen too frequently in Windows 8, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is still a common issue for the users of his version of Windows OS. When the BSOD appears, there’s a clear sign that Windows has undoubtedly “died”. The good thing is BSOD provides the users with useful information on troubleshooting what determined this fatal error.

In Windows 8, BSOD was given a new name, it is now called the Blue Smiley of Death. As compared with the previous versions of Windows which offered a wide range of details on the error, Windows 8 BSOD basically provides a very short error message and users are encouraged to search the web for more details on this error.

In the figure below you can see a sample BSOD screen in Windows 8.

BSOD-Windows-8You can see the OS offers only a short message with the name of the error. In earlier version of windows, a wide array of data containing comprehensive information was showed but it is no longer the case starting with Windows 8.

The most common error messages refer to errors related to hardware incompatibility, unsigned and uncertified software or drivers which usually cause problems if the manufacturer did not update them to properly work with Windows 8. Other errors that users might encounter are related to poorly written programs, power drops and internal drives’ failures like a malfunctioning HDD or memory issues.

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