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What’s New In Web Development: Trends To Focus On

Your web development news is changing fast. We see different trends emerge every day. As long as we continue to innovate the technology we’re using to access the web, we’ll continue to see development change its trends in front-end and back-end. These changes are significant for the industry, but you’ve got to know what they are. 2018 has been an exciting year for the web development arena with various new JavaScript frameworks in the offing. With an increasing number of web users browsing the internet using mobile devices, creating websites that can be supported on these mobile devices is no longer an option going into the future.

Your success is based on how well you leverage the changes and what new skills you can develop. It takes more than a general understanding, and your know-how shouldn’t be based on industry knowledge you obtained years ago. Here, we’ve put together some critical changes that will help to develop you as a professional. Web development trends continue to evolve, and you should grow along with them.

Single Page Websites

A central role that the internet played in the mid-‘80s and early ‘90s enabled the small business to be more marketing savvy. The internet continues to be a platform for companies to get their message out and to generate sales through. These motives have brought us to a revolution for the single-page web design.

The structure of this type of website comes from the anatomy of a landing page. A landing page is a type of sales presentation that can inform your leads, collect their contact data or get them to buy into a product and idea. The effectiveness of these pages is pushing many business owners to opt-in for the single page format. Your objective is to use these pages to provide readers with a single brand, a single solution and a straightforward step to get involved though.

Automated Support

Modern businesses aren’t expected to do everything alone. They have the help of automation. Automation made a massive breakthrough in the industry when it was applied to emails and other messages. The action of automation revolutionizes the work of monitoring and then following the behavior of the consumer.

This revolution will arise through what websites will be linked to and how this connection then enables the user’s activity to trigger specific actions. The more efforts we can develop for 2018 through 2019, the more intimate marketing will become and the closer we’ll be to the lives of our consumers.

Making Video Friendly Worldwide

The video continues to make its mark as a reliable tool for web development. It has a significant demand due to content. Watching video is the primary trend for your work. Providing the right display options or automated live-plays will be essential to getting the best of the consumer and making your business clients happy.

The latest trends in web development are once again for the design and layout of web pages. Video content gets picked up by the search engines, and more of it is required to meet the demands of growing website development trends. This medium can replace what we traditionally know regarding “about pages” and “how this works” sections.

Data Security

The public access to data we have is what makes your job possible. This access is also an invitation to criminal activity. Blockchain promises to do something about the data exposure we have in society. The technology we have that resembles distributed ledgers also encrypts data.

This web development news means that you should expect improved malware adaptability, more in-depth algorithms, and better encryption software. It’s best to learn about these developments now and to grow your skills around them.

Introducing AI Technology

From Google to the chatbot robot, there’s no shortage of website development trends where artificial technology is showing up. Making this technology compatible with what we already have requires new coding and new ways of applying it. Your email notifications are now being managed through the decision AI makes about you.

These computers work nonstop and will require the proper tracking codes to make the most use of the data they receive. That data is then converted through a method called deep learning where computers can make educated decisions about how to best present data, create websites or to offer the reader a better solution than what they sought.

The Internet of Things

You might still be confused about what IOT is. It expands the consciousness of data. Internet-connected us to a live stream of data that can now pick up data about us. This happens as computer chips are being built into everything. The objective is to enhance the awareness that technology itself has.

We can take a cellphone as our example.

A chip in the phone is near a chip that happens to be on a TV. The two signals get shared and sent back and forth between the phone and the TV. If both of these are connected to the internet, then a specific server can collect data about both devices. This web development news can then be used to automate anything.

Adjust to the Main Trend Before it’s too Late

Understanding the latest trends in web development doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with what you know, and then look for areas that are changing. Ask yourself why these changes are occurring, and how you can adapt to the main trends in front-end and back-end development.

If you have any questions, please ask below!