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Website Builders: How To Make a Website On Your Own

Website builders are cloud platforms that make it possible to create web pages and join them into a unified structure, that is, a website. Such systems come with a full set of required tools to help newbies launch websites. A user gets hosting and software that allow customizing design, adding web page functionality, forming website structure and promoting a website on the web. These options are all united by the intuitive interface. In other words, this is a full-fledged system, which does not require installation of additional components and programming skills to be used to the advantage.

Due to the availability of website builders, people, who lack web building knowledge and skills, can publish websites to reach their personal or business goals without any effort and substantial investments. The majority of such services are initially oriented on the newbies. They unveil stereotypes regarding the necessity to contact a web studio and invest much money to get a quality and functional website. Actually, any person, who has decent PC knowledge, can create a website nowadays.

Site Builders

You don’t have to know much about hosting, databases, programming languages, safety protocols and other suchlike complicated nuances to use a website builder. The major benefit of these platforms is that the technical aspect of the web building process is left behind and a user can avail decent result working on a project independently. All complicated things happen in the background and are controlled by the tech support and mechanisms of the service used. You just create your website without being concerned with any other nuances.

The use of website builders is the simplest way to create portfolio websites, blogs, online stores and other types of web resources nowadays. If you lack expertise in the niche, then this is basically the only real chance for you to complete a project. CMS or even writing a code from scratch won’t work for you at all. So, what website builders exactly are worth the attention?

The Choice of a Website Builder

If you are reading this article, then you’ve, probably, know something about popular website builders. I won’t focus on eminent brands like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace here. You’ve definitely heard a lot about them by this time. Let’s have a deeper insight into the topic. There are hundreds of website builders nowadays. Some of them are worth the attention, while others are too primitive to be used at all.

I’d like to present a couple of great services most professionals already know about and use in everyday life. The services we will talk about further are SITE123, uKit, Mobirise and Ucraft. Let’s have a closer look at each of them now.



This is a convenient and easy-to-use website builder. The platform is a great choice to create blogs, landing pages and portfolio websites. It also makes it possible to work with small ad mid-sized online stores.

SITE123 offers an extensive selection of appealing templates grouped into categories. All of them are responsive. To create a page, you need to choose and add the required modules (blog, sales, gallery, restaurant, reviews, timer, text, video etc.). The design of each module can be adjusted in details (fonts, background, inner element positioning etc.).

The system also offer plugins, namely, live chats, analytic and marketing applications, statistics collection etc. The majority of plugins are used to optimize website promotion.

SITE123 is a smart choice to create decent business websites – corporate sites, landing pages, promo websites, portfolios. It can also be used to create blogs. You’ll need minimum skills to master the nuances of the service – any aspiring web designer will easily cope with the task. You can test the system for as long as you need absolutely for free.



The platform is an ideal choice to create business websites, namely online stores, promo websites, landing pages. It offers a rich collection of responsive templates to suit any topic. Their design customization won’t take you long. Just take your time to choose a color scheme, experiment with widget blocks and customize the positions of the elements inside them. This is an intuitive website builder that works well for the majority of users.

The WYSIWYG-editor makes it possible to add widgets (charts, forms, sliders, live chat, social bar, price etc.) in any required combination. An opportunity to embed an online calculator service seems quite interesting as well. Your clients will be able to count the cost of products or services with regard to the the criteria you will specify. This is a useful but rare option for any business website.

uKit makes it possible to adjust the 404 page design according to your taste, add webpage scrolling animation, set the location of several objects to the map (like company office branches, for example), convert the content of Facebook public pages to the website, change the fonts in groups etc. The system looks simple, but it can boast a rich set of advanced features that will contribute to the efficacy of your sales.

uKit comes with decent eCommerce functionality (shopping cart, payment acception, shipping, show window etc.) and integrated Ecwid plugin with all the options it offers. The platform is a great choice to create a small, but appealing and effective online store. Due to its simplicity, affordability and a rich set of useful widgets, uKit is rightfully considered one of the best website builders in its niche. You can test the service absolutely for free.



This is a desktop website builder. You can download and install it for your commercial purposes for free. To avail the advanced options, however, you will have to make an affordable payment. However, free Mobirise version is also a decent website builder used to create promo websites (company websites, portfolios, online CVs, promo pages) and landing pages.

The program is quite easy to master. A website consists of readymade blocks (price lists, articles, media, sliders, headers, footers, reviews, social bars, forms etc.), which have to be dragged to the pages. This is how you will form the structure of your website to further edit the content and design of each block you’ve added. You can set up parallax effect, add background video, overlay, use Google Fonts and other elements that enhance content presentation.

Unlike cloud platforms, Mobirise websites require hosting. You can upload your site to any cloud server, computer folder or anywhere else. Website code is open and has simple structure. If you have HTML/CSS skills, you can edit it manually when needed.

The system offers 400+ website blocks, 20000 free hi-res images, 6,600 icons and Github Pages integration to get free https-hosting. It’s not that difficult to create an impressive website with such a rich feature set.

Mobirise is a great choice for newbies. You can buy cheap hosting (or use the bonus one) and publish any number of websites created with this software. This is very simple and convenient, indeed.



This is a nice cloud website builder meant for newbies, who intend to create promo websites, blogs and landing pages. You will be able to launch a website using readymade blocks and then adjusting their design, setting up modules for statistics collection, website promotion, online-marketing etc.

Apart from that, the service allows adding team members to ensure effective collaborative approach. This is where you will find incorporated web design tools, a logo builder, multi-language options and a special SEO section. The system comes with a 14-day trial.

Ucraft templates feature high quality and easy customization. No coding is required to do that. Use of duotone dominates here. It implies the subdivision of sections inside a block with regard to colors. This adds to the contrast and attraction of customers’ attention to the content.

Ucraft interface is appealing and understandable. Apart from that, it contains a set of high quality tutorials. The service works well to create small and appealing websites. Its affordability makes it a perfect choice for aspiring webmasters.

Bottom Line

Online website builders are the best platforms used by newbies and professionals working on client projects to create websites. They are convenient, simple, functional and affordable for the majority of users. The selection of platforms they offer is really impressive, for instance in my blog https://superbwebsitebuilders.com I have observed more than 50 website builders that worth to be mentioned. And the number of those unknown is much greater. Our review includes services that work great for those users, who are right about to launch their first websites.

The use of website builders is beneficial for ordinary users due to the following criteria: convenience, low cost and decent result. No coding, hosting settings, databases and other technical nuances. You just work on your website without any hindrances to avail great result. It generally takes around 2-3 days to successfully complete the project from the very beginning to the moment of its publication. We strongly suggest you explore any of the systems mentioned above. You can test (or even use) each of them absolutely for free. SITE123, uKit, Mobirise and Ucraft are great options for business support and development. Try using them and you won’t regret the decision.

If you have any questions, please ask below!