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Web Design Trends for Web Pages and Online Stores 2018

webdesignWhen you create your new website or online store there are some web design trends that you should know about. Here, we tell you about the most prominent web design trends for 2018.

Web design trends are driven by popular web pages, technology trends, large firms and companies, and the habits of web users … it is a digital world in continuous evolution.

For example, you should know that mobile browsing has now surpassed desktop browsing and is now the favourite method of access for most Internet users. Therefore, Responsive Design is not a trend, but an obligation when creating a web page.

In 2018, we will see innovations that will surprise you, innovations never seen before. According to web design experts at itseeze-bristol.co.uk these will be more focused than ever on the consumer (consumer-centric) and web pages will have more personality (unique design and customisation).

Home Video

Video is a great technique to stand out from the crowd. It is now fashionable to welcome a visitor with a video as the start of a web page. It connects with the user. The video generates closeness and confidence. According to a CISCO study in 2017, video already accounts for 73% of global Internet traffic and will grow to 82% in 2018.

Animated gifs and “cinemagraphs”

Not only home pages are set to benefit from video. The fact that a video is worth a thousand words can be applied perfectly to other sections of a web page. A story can be greatly favoured by the use of a video header.

Gifs and “cinemagraphs” will also animate 2018 websites. Both are short videos or animations that run in a continuous loop. Video, animated gifs and “cinemagraphs” can turn web pages into something innovative where the user feels good. We have a clear tendency to use scrolling in the navigation of a website, especially in the home pages. Probably, one of its main reasons is the increase in navigability from mobile devices. When we enter a site from a tablet or a cell phone, clicking on a button and expecting us to link to another page can be very tedious. Users expect to be able to scroll on a single page and find all the information they need, especially users from the mobile world.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that another trend that comes with the scroll is the addition of the added animation when surfing the web, as in the case of Boldking , in which the animation starts as we go down in the scroll.

Hero: goodbye Image carousels (sliders)?

“Hero” images are used to create full-screen wallpapers. If it’s about impressing and capturing your audience’s attention, a full-screen background image is a good solution. If we add a readable font and a slogan that draws attention, we have as a result a very good entry page to a website. This technique is also widely used to create Landing Pages. Using large background images incites curiosity in the visitor. Another advantage of Hero is that it is fully compatible with Responsive Design and Flat Design.

Brighter, more vivid colours and greater use of gradients.

Let’s be bold! Rich colours and vibrant colours will be front and centre, as will the use of gradients, saturation and vibrant tones. This is now possible thanks to screen technology advances (8K, 5K, 4K, OLED, etc.).

Monochromatic Website Design

On the contrary, in some cases, the use of a single colour can reinforce a brand, emphasise the content and add a modern, daring, avant-garde tone to web design. It is proven that pages with a monochromatic colour can lead to very high conversions.

Expressive Typography

This is the year of typographies with personality, we say goodbye to boring typographies. This is thanks to the greater availability of free fonts available to any web designer. For reasons of ultra-compatibility, we recommend using Google Fonts.


The king of 2018 is undoubtedly the smart mobile phone (smartphone). This is highlighted by various reports claiming mobile as the main medium through which internet users browse the Internet. It is now the favourite Internet access device.

Mobile-first is the fact of thinking about the design of a web page “for mobile first”. It is the process of designing a website for mobile devices (or the smallest filtered devices) first, to then work up to the largest ones.

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