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Web Design Tips to Have a Wonderful Website

It is extremely important that a website for any company needs to be absolutely perfect or in today's world a mediocre website will not just harm the image of the company, but it will also have a negative impact on the sales of the company. There are many elements of a website which are important and need special focus. These elements include the content of the website, the pricing of the products on the website, the look and feel of the website, ease to operate the website and many other similar features. CTA buttons are also a very important part of a website.

Web Design TipsIrrespective of whether you are creating a new website or are making improvements in the designing of a current website, the need to concentrate and improve on your Call To Action or the CTA buttons is very important. These buttons are the most important aspect of any web page, in fact, they are even more important that the entire content of the website. Therefore, when engaging in the activity of web design activities, one can make use of the below mentioned tips, which will help in making the CTA buttons more clickable:

Know The Importance Of CTA Buttons

This may seem like a useless point to mention to someone who is engaged in the field of web development, but a close look at many websites do reveal that many web developers do forget to give the CTA buttons their due importance. It generally happens that when something is very obvious, we tend to overlook it or forget to it is the kind of importance that it deserves. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the web developer to remember before they start the work of web designing that CTA buttons are the most important part of a website and it is these buttons which are actually responsible for increasing the conversion rate of any website and hence, they need to give special focus to the designing, coding and placing of these buttons on the website pages.

Make Them Likable

The CTA buttons can become clickable only if they are likable. Therefore, just as it is important to ensure that the coding and linking of these buttons is correct, similarly it is also important that the language used in these buttons is attractive enough to encourage the users of the website to click on the button. Some of the common phrases used for these CTA buttons include Submit or Download, which are absolutely boring and can prove to be a put off for the customers. Hence, the web design company should try to come up with some catchy and motivational phrases to replace these traditional CTA button language will help in increasing the chances of the same getting clicked.

Web Design Tips To Making Your CTA Buttons More Clickable

Size Does Not Matter

When it comes to the placing and designing of these CTA buttons, the size of the button does not matter. Surely, you need to make sure that the button is big enough to catch the attention of the users, but you do not want to make it so big that it starts to look overbearing on the web page. CTA buttons which are really huge in size can make the website send out a message of being over-aggressive, which can be a big turn off for many customers. Therefore, the size of the CTA button in the web design should be reasonable enough to catch the attention of the visitors, and not stand out 20 feet away from the PC screen. Instead of increasing the size of the CTA button in the hope of grabbing the attention of the website users, a better option in this regard would be to try to increase the appeal of the button by improving its looks and the language.

Place The Buttons Well

The placing of these buttons on the webpage is very important. It is important that the button should be placed on the web page in such a manner that it is able to easily catch the attention of the users of the website. If the users have to hunt and search for the CTA button, then you know that you have placed the button in the wrong place. As soon as a user opens the webpage of the website, he should be able to see these CTA buttons and know that if he wants to take any action on the website, all he needs to do is click on that button. Sometimes this easy access to the buttons can also help in increasing the chances of the customers taking a positive action in the website.

Right Number Of CTAs

While you do not want to overdo by placing CTA button sat every stage of the site, you also do not want to place too few CTA buttons and risk the user missing out on taking the necessary action, simply because there was no CTA button present when he wanted to take an action on the website.

CTA buttons are not just meant for making visitors buy products from the site, but they can also be for allowing the visitors to contact the company or leaving a feedback. The importance of CTAs is immense and hence they need to find a special place in the web design of a company.

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