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Top Graphic Design Hacks for Amazing Images

designWhether you are in business or you just want graphic design skills for your personal image enhancement, it’s important to know some of the hacks that can take you there quickly. With the internet, you can get lots of online design techniques, but the challenge is some of these techniques are too advanced or maybe unnecessary in your day-to-day use.

This is why if you want to become a better visual communicator, you need to learn just the important graphic design hacks that you can use here and now. Below are some of these hacks.

Pair Contrasting Fonts

Here, you get to learn and differentiate the fonts that look good together and those which do not. Most individuals, who are starting out in graphic design, tend to face challenges in pairing fonts. As a rule of the thumb, you should consider choosing fonts with a high level of contrast. This is important because the fonts will balance each other as you create your desired feature.

Creating Color Harmony

Matching colors within your designs is important and an effective way of making your designs standout. Using a color picker, you can identify the exact color from an image which then provides you with a hex code that identifies the exact color. For graphic design starters, hex codes are a critical concept applicable in the construction of color pallets for your designs.

Using Grids

If you want to layout and edit your images so as to create professional effects, usage of grids is very important. They make a quick and easy way to create your own class of layouts without necessarily using design templates. For instance, you can put together 4 images sharing similarities in themes in a grid to create an attractive composition.

Addition of Transparent Icons

When you start learning how to create backgrounds, that is when your creative juices begin flowing. You can use a series of colored shapes or an image as your background. There are countless ways to experiment.

Illustration of Information with Icons and Shapes

Using shapes and icons, you can accomplish quite a lot. For example, you can create informative infographics as well as unique text holders. This skill is critical and enables you to think outside the box and create authentic designs.

Shapes and icons are important tools you can use when creating informative and interesting social media posts. Also, during presentations, shapes and icons can be useful in making your information clearer and wowing your audience.

Fixing of Image Color Issues

It’s important in graphic design to ensure your images look their best. There are many ways of achieving this and one of them is to decrease or increase the saturation of images. Saturation is the intensity of color carried by an image. A fully saturated image appears bright and vivid. On the other hand, decreasing saturation makes your image appear muted and washed-out.

Other graphic design hacks you can explore include cropping of images so as to maximize on the empty areas within images and choosing of consistent elements that enhance your branding.

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