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Top 21 Free Magento Extensions

Magento-ExtensionsMagento Connect offers its customers more than 4500 extensions right now and the number of modules is also increasing with every passing day. However, at times it becomes very difficult for merchants to find the right free extensions to start up an online store. That is why; we have listed some of the best extensions to assist the new entrants to find the one that better fulfils their needs.


If you are a new entrant in the field of e-commerce or have outgrown your online store then Magento Go is what you need. Magento Go is a secure, cloud based e-commerce solution for small to medium size businesses. Magento Go has all the resources that a business may need to excel others. It provides you with world class technical support teams to wide range of self-assistance resources.

  • Video Tutorial: Magento Go comes with an easy to follow video tutorial to help clients set up their Magento web store.
  • Knowledge Base: This is a one stop shop for helpful articles and user guides to answer any questions that users might come up with. It also contains technical support documentations.
  • Discussion Forum: If you are looking to connect with other merchants and learn about their experiences then tap into Magento Go Community.
  • Find an Expert: Find a Magento Go-Pro to get help in setting up your store or achieving your desired look.

Once your online shop is operational, it's time to acquire some of the most amazing plugins to support your e-commerce.

Following is the list of some of the top Magento extensions that can make your customers' shopping experience an exciting one:

1. Checkout Newsletter

It is another free module for Magento that adds "Sign Up for Newsletter" onto the checkout page. This allows you to keep your clientele aware about latest products and offers by continually sending them company's newsletters.

2. Modern Theme

This extension provides perfect theme design for web store to have a more corporate look.

3. Fooman Google Analytics Plus

This is a free Magento extension that allows you to anticipate user behaviour. It greatly helps in boosting your sale volumes by making minor changes. Moreover you would not want to miss out its unique feature which gives an option to track Adwords conversion for purchase. Guest Catalog extension for Magento can also be employed, in addition, to generate useful data about unregistered visitors.

4. Professional Banners

With Banners extension, website owners can add a sliding banner to their page, which is powered by Flash front. There are several options to choose from i.e. size, height, width, transition speed etc according to one's own needs.

5. Yoast Meta Robots

One cannot ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization as it is responsible for directing traffic to websites. Yoast Meta Robots plugin adds robot Meta tags to your website's page so as to make them more optimized for search engines.

6. Auto CrossSell Products

One of the top Magento extensions, which allows users to automate the entire task of product cross selling and make the colossal task an easy streamlined process.

7. New Products Slider

This extension has been developed to maximize the number of items displayed, on your homepage and display new products on your e-commerce site. You can use Magento shop by brand to enable a brands slider and list all brands under one page.

8. Advance Sitemap

Advance site map generates a comprehensive sitemap to assist visitors in navigating the entire gallery conveniently, which otherwise becomes very tedious if your web store is showcasing a large number of products.

9. Login Only Catalog

This extension requires visitors to be logged in if they wish to view product collection at a web store. In stores employing Login Only Catalog extension, visitors are automatically directed to the account login page.

10. 7 in One Catalog

Add this Magento extension to your homepage if you wish to provide your customers with some useful and meaningful information. With 7 in One Catalog you can show your customers information regarding top sellers, featured products, new products, and most viewed products and recently ordered products.

11. Change Attribute Set

This module overrides the limitation of fixed product attributes at Magento web store. With Change Attribute Set you can alter the description that was originally stored, about a product.

12. Product Sold

This addon helps you keep record of number of products sold, on products sold page. This is one the most widely used tactic to increase website conversions.

13. Admin Custom Shipping Rate

This free module provides ability to specify a custom shipping rate when creating a new order. It allows users to utilize any shipping method and price they want, and it is more suitable for businesses that take orders over the phone calls and agree shipping rates with customers there and then.

14. Fontis SecurePay

This extension ensures secure payment gateway at your Magento shop. Payments are processed through the SecureXML gateway in order to secure each and every payment.

15. Canonical URLs for Magento

At Magento e-commerce it is very likely to come across duplicate content which makes your website almost invisible to search engines. To avoid getting lost in the maze of reproduced content you need a preferred URL i.e. a canonical URL. All you have to do is to install a plugin known as Canonical URLs for Magento. Setting up a preferred URL is not a problem.

16. MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting

This plugin for Magento Go is responsible for increasing business efficiency. It keeps a track of business emails sent for marketing purposes and collects data such as number of clicks on emails, visits to website etc.

17. Quick Contact

This extension provides customers with opportunity to contact the site owners easily. On the other hand it helps site owners to collect feedback from their clientele.

18. LazzyMonks Twitter

This Magento extension allows you to connect to your customers on Twitter.

19. Event Calendar

With this plugin you can keep your customers updated with your future plans. You can also display your upcoming events on the page.

20. nBlog

This blog extension for is a solution for those retailers who want to bring blogging to their Magento shop without the need of an extra infrastructure. This extension for Magento enables users to manage their blogs and e-commerce store all in one place. This valuable extension is available in the market free of cost.

21. News Blog by aheadGeeks

Longing to add a News Blog at your Magento shop that releases news from start to end date? Well News blog by aheadGeeks is certainly designed for you. It is an easy and quick method of adding a news blog at your site, without spending an extra dollar. Images can be added to the news and content can be modified anytime, using WYSIWYG editor.

All of the aforementioned extensions are definitely worth checking out. The benefits are obvious as using these readily available, easy to use and free of cost extensions, retailers can definitely make their websites strikingly beautiful. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics, the customer experience can also be made worthwhile by providing them convenience through comprehensive sitemap, user friendly catalogs, useful and meaningful information. The likelihood of converting visitors into loyal customers also rises. And that's not it; Magento shops can make a place for their exemplary websites on Magento's showcase as well!

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